The Controvers?y Continues.?…

Wow – Monday’s “Manic Monday” email must have ruffled some feathers because responses have been flooding in like crazy! (If you missed it, you can check it out by clicking here.)

We feel that with this kind of passion being expressed, a thoughtful response is necessary.

As an example, here’s what Jeff Hawkins posted on our Facebook page:

You guys should really think about how you’re approaching this topic. You are basically questioning the intelligence of anyone that does business with a full-service dealer. Unless you are completely out of touch with this industry, you should know “why” practices work with dealers. I have no doubt that “M” Club can save a couple bucks on a box of cotton rolls, but this is certainly no revolutionary new idea to mail-order your supplies. You should stick to what you guys do best and help grow practice productivity and not “sell out” to the idea that you can “save” yourself to prosperity.
Look, I’m not hiding the fact that I’m a dealer rep, in fact I’m extreamly proud to say that I am. I’m just saying that there may be a better way to approach your clients to ask for their business than to throw out these bombs that all dealer reps are only out to rob their clients blind. Most people can see through that pretty quickly. I appreciate what you guys do for your clients to help grow their practice and that’s why I follow you on FB. It’s just poor taste to throw all dealers under the bus like this that’s all.

So to Jeff and anyone else……

Thanks for your feedback. We salute you for stating your opinion. We are fans of open dialogue and confrontation and we do have a unique way of expressing ourselves; we and those that follow our writings find our comments, critiques and humor to be a breath of fresh air. Of course, practices are free to do business with whomever they prefer and many have historically relied heavily on a distributor’s field representative to visit their office and arrange supply orders.  However, our years serving practices in helping to maximize their profits while also lowering their fixed costs have taught us that challenging this traditional model can result in a substantial cost savings for the customer.
That is why we partnered with Darby to create The M Club.  Our customers enjoy the benefits of working with one of the largest, most successful authorized dealers of the dental products they use every day.

We are not a “mail-order” supply house.

Our dedicated, personal account managers are educated, knowledgeable and experienced.  We would put them up against any field rep from any other distributor any day of the week.  They manage equipment sales, tech service and can do everything and more than someone making a visit in person – and they are almost always available.
BUT – the massive overhead incurred by companies with reps in the field simply does not exist with The M Club.

These expenses, since they don’t exist, are NEVER passed along to our customer with a smile.  Our account managers have instant access to their customers’ sales histories.  They are constantly monitoring availability of offers and exclusives specific to their customers’ needs.  They process vendor rebates on their behalf.  And they are able to offer the most incredible customer rewards program in dentistry while still saving their customers an average of 15-20% vs. pricing they have grown used to tolerating in years past.
Similar to other products and services offered by The Madow Group, The M Club can deliver a very unique, rewarding, and – dare we say – fun supply purchasing experience to our customers and we are proud to be on the forefront of a new model for doing business which puts money right back into our their pockets while also creating enjoyment and excitement in a way that only we know how.
For those that wish to learn more, please call us at 855.THEMCLUB or visit  We welcome new members and look forward to saving you a ton of money on your dental supplies. And besides, we’ll take free iPads, luggage, jewelery, watches, flat screen TVs and just about anything else over a box of donuts any day of the week!

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