The Crappiest Website Ever?

We’ve seen all kinds of websites in our day – some fantastic and some pretty darn lousy. But what is the “Crappiest Website Ever?”

According to Spencer Ackerman at the tech journal Wired, that title belongs to a sacred place less than fifty miles from The Madow Group world headquarters in Reisterstown, MD. Adams claims it is that of Fort Meade – home of the top-secret National Security Agency, The U.S. Cyber-Command, and pretty much the most technologically advanced spy center in the world. Ask someone that works there what they do, and they are restricted to saying stuff like “I work with computers” or “I’m a linguist.” But these are the super-intelligent front-line dorks who keep us out of harm’s way every single moment!

Here’s what Ackerman says about their website:

“Through the gates of Fort George Meade pass the most powerful technical minds that the government employs. But Fort Meade’s website contains pixelized, faux-shaded green fonts and a two-column descending-text template not seen since the days of GeoCities.

At Fort Meade’s website, you’ll get a fade-out events calendar  for fun activities on base, an early-2000s-style thermometer that gauges charitable contributions, and a grid-style hyperlink menu of base information, like what’s playing at the movie theater. A video blog about goings-on at Meade has to be hosted at a separate WordPress site. Spend too much time on an individual page, and Firefox will find an unresponsive script.”

Just how bad is it? You can check it out by clicking here.

But does it really matter if Ft. Meade has a great website? Maybe not! Is someone going to Google “translate Iranian nuclear spy documents” in hopes of finding the right person for the job? We hope not.

Your dental practice, on the other hand, is a totally different story. It should have a clean, sophisticated look, be easy to navigate, give your patients easy to understand content, and do tons of other things that we discuss in much more detail at our live events. But most of all – it should be easy to find!

In other words, if you are a dentist in Bayonne, New Jersey who likes to do sedation cases, and someone Googles “sedation dentist Bayonne” – you had better come up on the first page. Even better – you should DOMINATE the first page!

What the website looks and “feels” like is very important, but not nearly as crucial as ACTUALLY BEING FOUND BY SOMEONE LOOKING FOR A DENTIST!!!!

If you have a great looking (or even mediocre looking!) website and you are not being found by some of the millions of people who are looking for a dentist on the internet each month, something is wrong! Talk to your web people about Search Engine Optimization – SEO (that is, if they even know anything about it). Many people claim expertise in this area, but the fact is if you aren’t getting a lot of hits and your phone never rings with someone saying “I found you on the web,” than you don’t have an effective website, no matter how beautiful or crappy.

If you are not sure, get in touch with our good friend Dr. Rich Hirschinger, owner of He will be glad to take a look at your website and see if he can help out. Best of all, Rich is a dentist – so he knows exactly what kind of content you need – plus he “knows SEO!” You can find Dr. Rich at or 1-888-DDS-DMD-1.

And whatever you do, please make sure YOUR website doesn’t show up when we write about “The World’s Crappiest Dental Website!”

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