The Dangerous 12 Steps

Many of you have been asking us for our “go-to” place to purchase your dental supplies. From what we are gathering, so many offices now are getting sick of the shenanigans that some of the suppliers are pulling. You know what we mean… here are the typical dangerous steps:

Step 1 – Bob the friendly rep comes into your office with bagels and doughnuts for everyone.

Step 2 – Bob shows you some incredible “specials.”

Step 3 – The hygienist comes in and asks Bob if he knows how to fix a hose in her treatment room.

Step 4 – Bob tinkers with the hose and fixes it.

Step 5 – You place an order.

Step 6 – Bob makes it clear that since you are a customer, they will continue to service your equipment and that there is no one else on the planet that can do this.

Step 7 – Bob leaves but checks in with you every once in a while with coffee and doughnuts laden with addictive sugar and fat for the team.

Step 8 – You are feeling euphoric with this great service so you continue to place more orders.

Step 9 – Knowing that you are hooked, someone back at supply headquarters is on the computer slowly and methodically raising your “special” prices.

Step 10 – Bob continues to deliver the “drugs” to your office.  At this point you need them and you will pay anything.

Step 11 – You start to realize you have a serious problem but don’t know where to turn.

Step 12 – The Madow Brothers turn you on to Darby Dental Supply. You discover that they have the best service and the same low prices every day. The deadly habit is broken. You are free.

Call Darby at their brand new hotline number – 1-855-879-1136. Tell them Rich and Dave sent you. Just don’t ask for any doughnuts!


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