The Easiest Way To Lose New Patients!

lose new patients?

The Easiest Way To Lose New Patients!

Have you ever wondered the easiest way to lose new patients? On this week’s edition of The Dental Practice Fixers podcast we make three Secret Shopper Calls and they all make the same mistake – making assumptions about the caller that ultimately lead to NO appointment! Give it a listen so you don’t make the same mistake in your practice!

Plus, we field some listener comments, and Dr. Rich gives a reading suggestion. Check it out now, funk soul brother!

If you have a question that you would like answered on our podcast, or if you would like us to call YOUR office, please email us at podcast@madow.com. You might be the office that gets it right!

Highlights from “The Easiest Way to Lose New Patients!”

0:06 – Dr. Richard Madow opens up the podcast with a potential new patient who has been advised that he needs a couple of crowns. but has no dental insurance.  What do you say?  Learn how to not lose new patients by saying the right thing.

2:20 – Rich mentions the awesome comments that dentists are saying about FattMerchant.  Save money!  Check out madow.com/save

4:25 – Rich shares comments about previous podcast when he called dental offices in the middle of the night to listen to their voicemail messages.  Hear what others had to say.  Some great suggestions from our listeners.  Feel free to give your comments as well at info@madow.com

10:01 – Rich talks about a book suggestion. The Four Agreements  – A self-help book that is Rich’s favorite book.  Rich has read a lot of self-help books and has found this the best one.

14:22 – Rich wants your dental practice to get some extra cash!  Sell your dental scrap and get paid for it at Southern Dental Refining.  Check out https://madow.com/gold

15:50 – Rich makes his first secret shopper call.

16:50 – Rich talks about this dental practice.  This person wins the medal for the worst enthusiasm.  This is a potential new patient and you just lost this new patient.  So bored on the call.  Did this team member try to get an appointment?  Check it out.

18:31 – Rich talks about the Madow Center and the excellent dental coaches that are on staff to help this dental practice.  Are you looking for the best dental coach at your dental office?  Check out https://www.madow.com/coaching-for-dental-practices/

18:53 – Rich makes the second secret shopper call.  Listen to see if this team member will lose a new patient.

20:45 – Rich stops the recording and discusses some key things that are going wrong before continuing the conversation.  What assumptions were made? Find out what the team member did that was so wrong.

23:31 – Rich talks about this team member and so of the things that went wrong.

24:17 – Rich makes the third secret shopper call.  Will this team member  get it right or will they lose a new patient?

26:23 – Rich discusses what happen on this call.  Find out the tips that Dr. Madow gives for this secret shopper caller.  How much is too much detail?  Find out by listening to what Rich has to say.

28:21 – If you would like to comment or give a suggestion to The Dental Practice Fixers Podcast write to us at info@madow.com.

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