The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation

(Of all the terms and phrases that have been recently coined, maybe that’s the …)


Zoom fatigue. Maskne. Quarantini. Decoupling. NFTs. Livestreaming. GOAT. AF. All of these words and phrases have become part of the vernacular in the past year or two for better or worse. But the new phrase that we may really dread is “The Great Resignation.”

Yes – it’s true. “The Great Resignation” has made its way into dentistry and it’s very frustrating for practice owners. And as the pool of potential team members shrinks, a whole new set of problems arise. But there is another “Great Resignation,” and taking care of this one can be a solution to the first kind.

So many dentists seem to be “resigned” – resigned to letting insurance companies dictate their patient’s treatment, resigned to having a team that refuses to change or grow, resigned to having an office that is chaotic….the list goes on and on.

The good news? It doesn’t have to be that way! At Madow Success Coaching we have the resources to get your practice on the track towards greatness. Imagine enjoying going into the office every day because you love what you do, have a fantastic cohesive team, and are earning what a dentist should be paid. It can happen! And when everyone’s happy, team members don’t leave!

We have helped hundreds of practices across North America get way beyond “The Great Resignation” and can do it for you too! Ready to dip your toe in the water? Let’s start with a complimentary “Practice Snapshot.” It’s simple, effective, and dare we say it….fun! You’ll get to see what’s really going on in your practice (the numbers don’t lie!) and we’ll give you some suggestions to get things moving in the right direction.

Don’t be resigned  – get refired! It all starts here. Let’s do it! 

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