The HIGHEST Seminar Ever??

April 1, 2010

The Madow Brothers have always produced the most innovative dental seminars, and we’re about to take that to an entirely new level!

From our one day presentation “How To Love Dentistry, Have Fun and Get Rich” to our incredible two day hands-on “Dental Social Media Marketing Summit” to the legendary Las Vegas “TBSE” – a Madow Brothers Seminar is always guaranteed to be something special.

But this summer we will be doing something that is sure to be the most talked about meeting in dental history!

Here’s the story. While we absolutely love doing multi-day meetings with the best speakers from all over the world, when you start to total up the costs of flights, hotels, and all of the other expenses involved with bringing in all of these dental luminaries, things can really add up. Add to that the expense of bringing our great team along, renting all of the production equipment, a large crew and many other factors, and it can get out of control.

We were discussing this at a team meeting a few months ago while reviewing our speaking calendar. While trying to juggle some travel dates around, our newest team member, Sofia Proll, came up with a really outrageous idea.

Since The Madow Brothers, our seminar staff and our production crew
are usually all together on flights anyway….
why not do a seminar on the plane??

At first we just laughed, but Sofia was dead serious – and we listened! Then the ideas started flowing!!!

What if instead of flying non-stop, we made a few stops and picked up some great speakers along the way? For example, leaving from Baltimore, we could stop in Chicago and pick up Dr. Lou Graham, one of our favorite speakers on the latest trends in dental technology and techniques! Then we’ll scoot down to Phoenix to pick up Dr. Howard Farran! And then maybe touch down in Salt Lake City and get Dr. Gordon Christensen to hop aboard for a great lecture. Are you listening now?  Maybe a brief detour to Seattle so Dr. John Kois could join in on the fun? And then when we finally touch down in Los Angeles, the great Dr. Bill Dorfman could be waiting there to give the closing keynote address!!

Was this totally crazy or one of the best ideas in dental history? We still weren’t sure – so we ran it by all of the proposed speakers, and guess what they all said?

“I’m IN!!”

The next step was for our General Manager, Richard Train, to call Southwest Airlines to see if they would just laugh at the idea. Well, believe it or not, Southwest LOVED IT! And since we guaranteed that we will fill all 137 seats, they are letting us use a plane just for this seminar.

It will be the world’s first dental seminar and party at 30,000 feet!

CLICK HERE to view a short video that will give you some more information!

Details are still being worked out, but here is what we can tell you so far:

Summer 2010 –  The Madow Brothers Will Present:

The First Dental Seminar In The Air!!!

Departs approximately 8:30 AM Eastern Time from Baltimore-Washington International Airport

Arrives at LAX (Los Angeles) around 6:30 PM Pacific Time – reception to follow at Terminal One – Home Turf Sports Bar And Grill

Scheduled to appear:

The Madow Brothers
Dr. Lou Graham
Dr. Howard Farran
Dr. Gordon Christensen
Dr. John Kois
Dr. Bill Dorfman

More to be announced!!

Of course there will be many surprises along the way!!!

Tuition has not yet been determined, but one thing is for sure – this seminar will sell out! And when we say “seating is limited” – well, there’s not really a choice!!!!

For more details, please visit Or feel free to call Southwest Airlines at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA. Be sure to reference The Madow Brothers “Dental Seminar in the Air” when you call Southwest. We can’t wait to see you in the air this summer!!

P.S. A BIG BIG thanks to Dr. Rich Hirschinger and our friends over at for putting together the website for us. You guys are certainly the best at websites!

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