The Key To Presenting Treatment?

presenting treatment

The Key to Presenting Treatment?

A newly minted dentist writes in with a great question: How do I answer a patient when they ask me how much experience I have in a procedure – when I don’t have any? Do you need the answer to the key to presenting treatment as well?  This leads to a discussion of the two key things every dentist needs when presenting treatment. Master these and you will be on your way!

Then on our secret shopper calls we ask a simple question – “How much is a crown?” Unfortunately, this simple question leads to some pretty crazy answers!! Please listen so you don’t make the same mistakes in your practice!

If you have a question that you would like answered on our podcast, or if you would like us to call YOUR office, please email us at podcast@madow.com. You might be the office that gets it right!

Highlights of “The Key to Presenting Treatment?”

0:11 – Dr. Richard Madow opens up the Dental Practice Fixers Podcast by welcoming everyone.  Have you ever had the question:  Have you ever done this before?  Dr. Madow will get into the details about how to answer this important question and share his insights on the key to presenting treatment.

1:32 – Where ever you are listening or watching don’t forget to subscribe and leave your comments.  We would love to hear from you! Email us at info@madow.com

1:45 – Here at The Madow Center – We LOVE to save money and we know you will to with FattMerchant.  Try it out and see the difference.  Click here to SAVE TODAY!

2:52 – Rich talks about the webinar “The Dirty Dozen: How to Answer the Twelve Most Difficult Questions Patients Ask!” and a listener question.

4:24 – One question was how to find the Facebook group page >>> Click here to join the FB Group

5:05 – Second question from this dentist is “Have you done this treatment before?” or “How should I be presenting treatment when I am a new dentist?”  Check out how Dr. Madow answers this listener’s question and how it can help your dental practice.  Don’t use the used car sales person tactic!

12:13 – Rich makes his first secret shopper call. Simple question is asked: How much is a crown?

13:00 – This caller really had confidence but listen to some things that Dr. Madow didn’t like on the call.

14:27 – Rich makes the second secret shopper call.

18:15 – This caller was very detailed in trying to give an accurate quote to Rich.  This caller asked Rich if he was calling as a random quote.  This caller did mention that the doctor would need to access his tooth to determine more about the crown and what would be needed, but did she make the appointment?  Check it out and see for yourself.

20:40 – Rich makes the third secret shopper call.

21:25 – This caller tells Rich that an examination would be needed to truly give an accurate quote on a new crown.  How does she handle his question and does she set the appointment?  Check it out.

23:05 – What to find out what is going on in your dental practice check out madow.com/snapshot.  Free deep dive into your data.

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