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The Most Powerful and Quickest Way to Dental Practice Success

By July 5, 2019September 13th, 2020Dental Practice Fixers, Podcast Episodes

Today we have a listener write in with a very interesting question. He is 55 years old and is finally ready to take his practice to that “next level.” He asks The Dental Practice Fixers what the number one thing is that he should do? This is a great question! Do you have any guesses? What is the fastest and most predictable route to dental practice success? Tune in to find out what Dr. David Madow and Dr. Richard Madow have to say about this. Then of course we do the call of the week. We call an office asking this question – We have a family of four who want to get started so what day of the week is the best for us to all be seen? How do you think the office did? You need to listen to this one. If you have a question that you would like answered on our podcast, please send it in to We will do our best to get yours answered!

The Most Powerful And Quickest Way To Dental Practice Success

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  [music  playing] 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  All right, I am ready to make my practice rock. What should I do? Tough  question. 
  Dr.  David Madow:  Great question. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Maybe we’ll get more into that when we do our reader or not reader, listener.  I’m so used to the email format. Our listener question this week. Welcome to  the Dental Practice Fixers Podcast. I’m Dr. Richard Madow. 
  Dr.  David Madow: Dr.  David Madow. We have great show for you today. Thank you so much for being  part of this whole thing. Let’s get right into it Rich. What do you think? 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Get down to it. 
  Dr.  David Madow: We  received this question just the other day. I promised this person we’d put it  on the show so here we go. Hi Rich and Dave, I am 55 years old, been  practicing for 27 years. I am finally ready to make my practice as good as it  can be. Everyone has an opinion on what is the most important thing I can do  to get back on the road to success. But I wanted to ask the guys that really  know the answer to this question. So here it goes, guys, what is the number  one thing I can do in my practice? Thanks in advance, Dr. – he didn’t say keep  it private so I’ll give his name, Dr. Ron Sherman. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Dr. Ron Sherman, I have to admit, sometimes when dentists ask to keep it  private, we do just put a fake name out there or do full disclosure rather  than just say keep it anonymous. It’s just a little more fun. I’d say about  50:50, that’s the real name versus… 
  Dr.  David Madow: The  odds are about 50:50. Dr. Ron Sherman… 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Do we know where he’s from? I’m just curious. 
  Dr.  David Madow: We  don’t really know. He didn’t say. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  All right it’s fine. Not that it would matter.  
  Dr.  David Madow:  We’ll give the same advice. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  This question kind of reminds me of when someone says something like, I just  have one question. Six parts… 
  Dr.  David Madow: How  about when somebody says, I just have a real quick question for you. He’s  going to be talking to that person for the next two hours. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Exactly. One thing, I’m wondering what he’s been doing for the last 27 years  that he’s finally ready to ask that question. 
  Dr.  David Madow: And  we don’t know about his practice, and there’s no other information other than  he’s been practicing for 27 years and we just have to kind of guess… 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Why the heck did you choose this question?  
  Dr.  David Madow: I  think it’s a great question because probably a lot of people in this  situation, getting closer to retirement, practice is kind of plodding along,  you’re doing okay but they want to see more success because ultimately,  they’re going to want to transition out somehow, sell the practice, bring an  associate in and practice has to be really good. You can’t sell a crappy  practice. You can… 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  You can if you got a crappy practice. 
  Dr.  David Madow:  Here’s the thing, because a lot of docs – we’ve talked about a lot of these  things, because they think, oh I don’t have a lot in my retirement account,  but once I sell my practice, that’s my retirement. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  I’m glad you brought that up.  
  Dr.  David Madow: It’s  unfortunately not as lucrative as people think.  
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  It’s just like everything else. Everybody that is ready to put their house in  the market, thinks it is worth more than it really is. Everybody that wants to  sell their car wants to get more than they’re going to get. They may just kind  of like, well I looked on the internet and they said my car is worth 22.5 so,  so… 
  Dr.  David Madow:  Sell it to the internet. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Exactly. The internet is not buying cars. And the internet is not buying  dental practices. And you know what else? The practice broker who is just  trying to do a good job, whatever, who’s told you your practice is worth is  1.4 million is not writing you a check for 1.4 million. It winds up going on  the market and the market determines what your practice is worth and it’s  usually less than you or your practice broker thinks. Many times much less. So  that’s a great point.  
  Dr.  David Madow: But  on the other hand, Dr. Sherman is doing the right thing because he’s 55 and  he’s saying to himself I finally want to get this practice going well.  
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Yeah I’m really glad you brought that up, because again, in our experience as  coaches, it’s never too late to call a coach or consultant, but sometimes it’s  pretty darn close. And when we hear from someone who says I’m 66 years old and  I feel like my health is starting to teeter a little bit, I really can only  see doing this for five more years. Oh, by the way, I have nothing in savings.  Well you really should have started thinking about this 10 years ago.  
  So Ron congratulations, you’re 55,  let’s assume that you’re healthy and vigorous and still enjoy practicing. You  made the right move starting. So that’s maybe one great lesson right there.  Start thinking about improving your practice when you’re 40, when you’re 45,  when you’re 50, when you’re 55. It’s always good to think about it but the  sooner you think about it, it could be better.  
  Dr.  David Madow: You  know what I think? I think a lot of these – and nothing – we’re both fathers  and I’m a grandfather also so I love the younger generations… 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  I have a grand dog.  
  Dr.  David Madow: Oh  you have a grand dog. Good, good. I think I have one too. Yeah I do have one.  So we love kids, we love the younger generations, but I think a lot of young  people have to experiment themselves where they think – they kind of think  they know it all or they want to do it. They want to make all the mistakes  themselves and then when they get to be maybe Ron’s age or a little bit closer  to Ron’s age, god I’m doing okay but I know I can do a lot better. What do I  do? Where do I start? I think it’s a lot. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Yeah sure. I think, and again, I don’t even know if I have an answer to this  question. Maybe you do. But I think we’re learning a lot of lessons from this  question. And one is the time to start is now. There’s an old Chinese proverb  but I’m probably going to get it wrong. And that is something like, the best  time to plant an Oak tree was 100 years ago. The second-best time is now.  Right now. In other words, don’t say shoot, I made all these mistakes. Is it  too late? No. if you want to do something, start now because five years from  now – it’s going to be five years from now… 
  Dr.  David Madow: No  matter how old you are… 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Exactly. So do you want to be in the same place five years from now or do you  want to be five years better? And the answer is always start now whether  you’re a 35-year-old dentist or a 65-year-old dentist.  
  Dr.  David Madow:  Totally agree. I mean if you haven’t done it, it’s never too late. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  But what’s it? What then? 
  Dr.  David Madow:  Okay so do you have – we can’t give 20 things. What’s the number one thing –  what do you think is the number one thing is that you can do?  
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  What do you think? I don’t know. 
  Dr.  David Madow:  Mine? I’ve got an opinion. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Let’s hear it. 
  Dr.  David Madow: I  don’t want this to sound like a sales speech because it’s not because you can  use anybody but I think by far, in our experience, 30 plus years of helping  dentists, by far the number one thing is to bring somebody in as a coach or a  consultant that’s seen everything, that’s done this a million times. They  better be good. And again, you don’t have to use us. Rich and I, we’ve been  doing this a long time. This is not an advertisement for us.  
  If you want to use us that’s great,  but you don’t have to. But I think find somebody that’s really good and knows  their stuff and can look at every single thing going on in your practice, and  fine tune it and improve it. Make it better and hold you accountable. Because  if you don’t have anybody that’s holding you accountable, it’s hit or miss.  And I know in previous episodes we talked about people try to sell you the  latest and greatest marketing plan or the latest piece of equipment or… 
  Dr.  Richard Madow: It’s  going to solve everything. 
  Dr.  David Madow:  We’ve talked about the pain machine… 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Pain machine is our favorite, I think.  
  Dr.  David Madow:  Well he thought that was going to solve his practice woes. It doesn’t. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  It actually gave him pain. It’s a different kind of pain machine. I supposed  let’s start calling our equipment the pain machine. I was having [inaudible -  0:07:37.5] I’m giving you pain. 
  Dr.  David Madow: Now  look, there are a lot of things you can do as far as improve your marketing.  Maybe change communication skills, treatment planning. All that stuff is  super, super important. Make sure your team is the best but again, who is in  charge? Who’s quarterbacking? Who is experienced in seeing and overlooking  every single thing that’s going on your practice. It’s got to be a coach and a  lot of people say, but that’s very expensive. I can’t afford that. But… 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  That’s very expensive. I can’t afford that. I was being that person. 
  Dr.  David Madow:  Okay so you’ve got to look at it as you’re going to get a return on your  investment, especially if the person is good. You’ll get a return. You’re not  paying $2,000, $3,000, $4,000 a month and it’s going out the window and you’re  wasting it. No, you’re paying that money just like your payroll in your dental  practice is probably the highest expense overall in – your payroll. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Should be.  
  Dr.  David Madow: It  should but you can’t say that I’m throwing that money out because your  employees, your team should be more than paying for themselves when you’re  paying them money. They should be bringing in more money than you’re paying  them. If they’re not, then you got a problem. You’re paying somebody a certain  amount per year and they’re not producing or they’re not bringing in something  that’s much more than that value then it’s a problem. And the same thing with  a coach, you’re paying money of course but you’re paying for experience. You’re  paying for something that’s going to help you and improve your systems.  Improve your marketing, improve everything that’s going on. It is so worth it  to do that. I can’t even say how worth it. It’s just the number one thing in  my mind. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  I agree. I’m going to say something along the same lines. Maybe without  talking about coaching directly, but again, this is from our experience as  coaches, and Dr. Ron Sherman and everybody else. You need to see the big  picture because again, as we know from our experience, when people contact us,  they oftentimes have a whole list of things like I need more new patients, I  want you to look at my website. I don’t think it’s really performing well. Is  the sofa in the reception area…are the cushions soft enough? And then they got  really more specific. I’ve got, my dental assistant wants to take too much  time off. These are like putting out fire situations.  
  These are little things, and sure,  you can probably look at each line there and analyze it and come up with the  answer. Yeah, I do need a new sofa. This one is all worn out. Yeah, I finally  got the balls to fire my dental assistant because I’ve given her five chances  to improve and she hasn’t. And those are all good things. My website, yeah it  kind of sucks. I’m going to find the best website company I can and have it  redone. Okay that’s great. But these are not big picture items. Big picture  items are really some of the things that when you just take everything into  account and you see the whole ball of wax.  
  And then you figure out what  changes can I make, not getting a new sofa or what changes can I make in a way  that I’m approaching my patients and the way that we’re actually seeing new  patients. The way that my front desk people are scheduling, greeting, do all  these things to make the office better? And the way that we’re diagnosing and  presenting treatment. How can we improve all these items to complete the big  picture? And in my opinion, the big picture is pretty simple and I think every  dentist, I would say every single dentist we’ve ever met wants to enjoy their  practice more and make more money. 
   Enjoying your practice more might mean  getting rid of the patients you don’t like seeing. It might mean having more  time off. It might mean hiring an associate so you can only do the treatment  that you want and you can not work Fridays and Wednesdays. Earning more money,  everybody wants to earn more money. Let’s face it, except maybe Bill Gates.  And those are the kinds of things that really can fall into place when you do  see the entire huge picture. And can a coach or consultant help you see that?  Absolutely. A lot of times we get so mired down in getting that crown margin  0000.1 millimeter and that’s important. But it stops us from seeing the big  picture. 
  Dr.  David Madow:  I’ll just add this. I agree to every single thing you just said.  
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Every single thing? 
  Dr.  David Madow:  Every single thing. I can’t talk today. Every single thing. Did I say it? Okay  now, here’s my answer to that. All kidding aside. It’s got to be the right  coach for your practice because having been doing this for a long time, we  know there are – so if I can use this word, some really shitty ones. I hate to  say it. We hear such horror stories about… 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  I thought when you start saying shhh – I thought you’re going to say some  sheisters out there. 
  Dr.  David Madow:  People get locked into these contracts. They can’t get out of it and they’re  paying a lot every month and they’re screwed and we don’t want to see that  happen. So it’s got to be – you can’t just get any coaching and then  everything is going to be fine. It’s got to be the right person for you in  your practice.  
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  I got a coach with the biggest ad in the Dental Economics journal. And that’s  usually a mistake.  
  Dr.  David Madow: Oh  my god. And these days, anybody that has Facebook and starts a Facebook group,  they call themselves a coach. It’s scary out there. But anyway, that would be  my number one. You’ve got to get somebody that can quarterback and knows  everything.  
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  The coach or the quarterback? Let’s get these football analogies correct here.  I was giving you a hard time. 
  Dr.  David Madow: I  said it’s got to be the coach. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  I agree. I think the dentist is the quarterback.  
  Dr.  David Madow:  Maybe. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  The dentist is the quarterback, the office people, the receptionist, they’re  the front line or the offensive line. 
  Dr.  David Madow:  Okay who’s the defensive coach? Who would that be? 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  The defensive coach? Do we have like, defensive coach? What’s the hygienist?  Hygienist maybe is like the running back. 
  Dr.  David Madow:  What is the dental supply company? Are they the defensive coach? 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  They’ve supplied the uniforms. Well you know, it’s a great question. I think  we both didn’t want this to turn it into an ad for coaching. Certainly not for  our coaching, even though we love to have you contact us. But that really is a  way to see the big picture. To have somebody else that’s experienced, that has  a good track record. As some people would say, to bring a fresh set of eyes  into the practice. This guy has been doing it for 27 years and he’s not happy  the way that things are going.  
  I think that’s a sign but he  probably can’t make the changes on his own. So what I’m going to do is I’m  going to segue into this because Ron set this up perfectly for us. Ron, you’re  invited to come to one of our Masterclasses. They’re held in Baltimore,  Maryland generally, at The Madow Center for Dental Practice Success. It is a  full day where we talk about this exact type of thing with you and your  colleagues.  
  We keep these classes very small,  focused. And by the end of the day, we will help you with what needs to be  done in your practice exactly to take it to that next level. It sounds like  you want to go, so attend one of our Masterclasses Ron, or anybody else  watching this, simply go to I know we’ve got one coming  up by the time this is published, it’s going to be gone.  
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  And it’s sold out also. 
  Dr.  David Madow:  Probably full. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Is it okay to say sold out when it’s free?  
  Dr.  David Madow: I  think you can. Sold out or this one is actually super sold out.  
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Super sold out. 
  Dr.  David Madow: You  can’t get anybody else in but it’s Come and join us and  find out how you can really – if you’re in that situation, how you can take  your practice to the next level. Do it. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  I totally agree. It’s funny, we’re talking about big picture items and little  picture items. You never hear about little picture items. And this is a little  picture item, but it’s a simple one and we recommend it to all of our coaching  clients and that is save money on your credit card processing every month. Why  use a company that’s charging a percentage overage when you can pay a small,  flat fee? Use Fattmerchant. We do, so many people – we’ve recommended it to so  many people and they’re happy, and you’ll be happy too.  
  So just go to bitly, B I T.L  Y/FATTMAD. It’s F A T T M A D. Get some information on – they’re just happy to  give you some information, they contact you, they show you exactly how to  integrate Fattmerchant into your practice. Give you the terminal for free.  You’ll be saving money the first time somebody pulls out their Visa or  Mastercard. So check it out, Fattmerchant. 
  Dr.  David Madow:  And somebody misunderstood that the other day. Somebody said, I’m trying to go  to bitky but they couldn’t go to bitky. It’s bitly. It’s not  bitky. Shall we do the call of the week?  
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  let’s do the call of the week.  
  Dr.  David Madow: I’m  really getting into this now. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Let’s do it, okay. 
  [phone ringing] 
  Voice Recording: Thank you for  calling. If you are a new patient who has not yet visited an office, please  press 1 to schedule your first appointment. If you are calling about dentures  including partials, replacing your existing dentures or denture repairs, press  2 now. Otherwise, please stay on the line and we’ll be right with you. Your  call may be monitored or recorded for quality and training purposes. 
  [phone ringing] 
  Female  Speaker: Thank  you for calling. [inaudible - 0:16:31.6] speaking. May I have your name  please? 
  Dr.  David Madow: Hi.  This is Michael calling. 
  Female  Speaker:  Thank you. May I call you Michael? 
  Dr.  David Madow:  Sure. That’s fine.  
  Female  Speaker:  Thank you. And how may I be able to be of assistance today, Michael? 
  Dr.  David Madow: I  was just curious. I got a family of four and we’re trying to – my wife wanted  me to ask what’s usually the best day of the week to have a new appointment  for new patients for a family of four? 
  Female  Speaker:  Okay. We would love to have you and your family come to our Columbia, South  Carolina [inaudible - 0:17:04.6] office. And our later days are on Thursdays.  We’re open until 7 PM. And we can do up to two people on the same day. We  can’t do more than that. So we can do one like two on one, two on the other,  vice versa and is anybody at all having pain, bleeding or swelling or everyone  just looking to establish care?  
  Dr.  David Madow:  Just establish care.  
  Female Speaker: Okay. And may I  have the ages just to make sure they made our minimum age requirements here. 
  Dr.  David Madow: Oh  sure. Little Jimmy is – I always forget. He’s four years old. Justin is eight  and I am 43, my wife is 41.  
  Female  Speaker:  Okay. And… 
  Dr.  David Madow: Am  I too old for the practice? Is there a maximum age? 
  Female  Speaker: No  there’s no maximum at all. We can see everyone on – is Jimmy going to be  turning five any time soon? 
  Dr.  David Madow: I’m  hoping within the year. Within a year or so.  
  Female  Speaker:  Okay. Our minimum age requirement is six years old. That’s why I was asking if  he was going to be five any time soon. Because sometimes our offices may – and  I can certainly look in the area to see if there’s any alternative to meeting  that minimum age requirement for the 4-year old. Because I was going to look  and see if there were any like five, if he was going to be turning five soon. 
  Dr.  David Madow:  He’s like kind of a big four. He’ll be turning five. He’s a big four. So he’ll  be turning five pretty soon. I think at the end of the year.  
  Female  Speaker:  Okay. I mean I can schedule everyone else at this time, and for Jimmy for now,  until he meets our minimum age requirements, there may be like a pediatric  dentist in your area that would be able to accommodate the little one.  
  Dr.  David Madow: I  see. I just needed the information. I’m going to have my wife call back and  she has the calendar. I’m going to actually have her do all the scheduling if  that’s alright with you. 
  Female  Speaker: Oh  that’s fine. All of our appointments, just so you are aware, are free to hold,  cancel and reschedule. I can always temporarily put something in place that  way everyone’s accounts will be set up. And if it conflicts with the schedule,  you can always just call back and reschedule it or cancel it. No cost as well.   
  Dr.  David Madow: Oh  that’s really nice. I’ll probably have her call back this afternoon. I just  know that with soccer and everything and all this stuff coming up with summer  and everything. I have no idea.  
  Female  Speaker:  Okay. Do you know like your schedule? If you like me to schedule or just yours  temporarily for now? 
  Dr.  David Madow:  Well I’m going to come in with my wife Judith. So I think it’s probably better  if she calls to get us all in and no we don’t have to change anything around.  
  Female  Speaker: Okay.  And if you like, I can always reach out to her at a certain time, if you  provide her number I could always reach out to her to be able to set up those  appointments. 
  Dr.  David Madow: Oh  sure. I don’t think she’d mind that at all. I’ll give you her number.  
  Female  Speaker:  Yeah. 
  Dr.  David Madow:  Okay sure. [inaudible - 0:20:35.0] 
  Female  Speaker:  Okay. And I will – is there a good time do you think for me to reach out to  her? 
  Dr.  David Madow:  Probably try any time after 11 AM I think. That would be fine. 
  Female  Speaker:  After 11? 
  Dr.  David Madow: I  think that would be fine. Yeah. 
  Female  Speaker:  Okay. I will certainly do that. And thank you so much for calling. And you be  sure to enjoy the rest of your day and your week as well. 
  Dr.  David Madow:  Thank you so much for your help. You’ve been very helpful and very kind. I do  appreciate that too. Thank you so much. 
  Female  Speaker: Oh  you’re very welcome. Thank you so much. Have a good day. 
  Dr.  David Madow:  Same to you. Thanks, bye. 
  Female  Speaker:  Thank you. Bye, bye. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Wow that was a long call. 
  Dr.  David Madow:  That was a little long. Sorry about that. By the way, before we even get into  the call. I know you realize this, but I try to match my accent. That was in  South Carolina so I try – do you think she knows that that’s not like a really  good South Carolina accent or maybe I was coming from somewhere else? 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  I was wondering if she noticed that the accent kind of faded from time to  time.  
  Dr.  David Madow: I  got to work on that because… 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  So you’re in South Carolina so you gave a Utah area code. 
  Dr.  David Madow:  Utah area code because I’m from the south but we’ve lived in Utah just for a  little bit and now I’m coming back South Carolina. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  I don’t think she noticed. 
  Dr.  David Madow:  Maybe not, she didn’t care.  
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  I don’t think she noticed anything.  
  Dr.  David Madow: You  don’t think so? 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Here’s my comment. My general comment. 
  Dr.  David Madow: Go  ahead. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  I made a few notes as well. To me she sounded like a trained robot. I mean it  was so obvious that she was following – and a lot of the things – and look,  let’s face it, my guess is some so-called expert in practice management phone  techniques or whatever, developed this script and she’s like sitting there  reading a flowchart. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that. But I  think this is where these kinds of things fall short. She sounded like a  robot. Like somebody who was overly trained and stiff. I couldn’t stand the  way the first thing she said was like, thank you for calling the dental  office. May I have your name please? 
  Dr.  David Madow:  That was a little weird. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  That’s asking for trouble. It’s kind of like when you call AT&T or Verizon  or something. They always say – you can tell there’s a script like, oh I’m so  sorry you’re having that problem. I can definitely help you with that. And  it’s just – to me it sounds so scripted and mechanical. 
  Dr.  David Madow: Right.  Okay I’m not going to disagree with that. However, go ahead. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Is there any pain, bleeding or swelling?  
  Dr.  David Madow:  Well I don’t think she talked exactly like that. I know what you’re saying. It  sounds like it was rote. It sounds like – but she didn’t really say it quite  like that. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Of course, I’m exaggerating. Is there any pain, swelling? 
  Dr.  David Madow: She  didn’t have a big sort of accent. She was from Nebraska, I think. I was from  the south. Well I think she did better than 99% of the dental offices out  there. Because let’s face it, we don’t really screen these and if we call a  good one, we let it go. We don’t wait till somebody fails and does horribly.  She did – I mean we can talk about more on the beginning of the call, but she  did everything in her power to get me in that appointment book in some way.  She tried with all her might. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  She even said you can always call back and cancel which I’m not a big fan  [cross talking - 0:23:36.6]. 
  Dr.  David Madow:  Yeah that makes it sound like it’s so temporary. It’s unbelievable. But she  was… 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  I think she was – but I agree. Better than 95% of the calls we make because  most people just would have let you go a minute later and not have gotten your  contact information. Never tried to make an appointment. So obviously, those  things are head and shoulders above most of the calls we make. But to me she  just sounds like overly scripted, no warmth. But the bottom line is she did at  least make a huge attempt to make an appointment, get your wife’s contact  information, all those things. And that’s a big plus. 
  Dr.  David Madow: You  know, we can’t give away too much because our great producer Rory bleeped out  every hint of what kind of practice this was. So we don’t want to get anybody  in trouble in fairness. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Yeah but I think it’s obviously it wasn’t just some solo practice where it’s  also a small practice. 
  Dr.  David Madow: It  was like a DSO type practice. So my point is though, that yeah maybe we don’t  really love the DSOs. We don’t really believe in that whole concept. But they  definitely had some professional person train their front desk team to  maximize the amount of people in the appointment book. Now it might not be  exactly the way we would have done it, but it was pure training. It wasn’t  just some doctor standing around in the morning huddle saying let’s try to get  more people. It was a definite training that she went through and she did  decently. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow: I  agree. So again, to your point. To me she sounded over trained and over  scripted which she lost all the warmth and friendliness and again, I think  this is maybe one of the knocks on the DSOs. That they don’t have that vibe.  Hey this is a local dentist who really cares about you, and I didn’t get that  vibe at all from her. But she did a lot of things right.  
  Dr.  David Madow: She  did chuckle a little bit at the right time like when she said Johnny was four  years old. Is he going to be five any time soon? I said he’ll be five  definitely within the next year and she hesitated, then she went… 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  I don’t know if she got the joke or she thought you’re a moron. It’s hard to  tell. Maybe both. 
  Dr.  David Madow: She  did chuckle a little bit. So it wasn’t like purely robotic. She laughed at the  right time.  
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  I think maybe if you’re not a DSO office and you’re listening to this, you can  learn a lot. You can learn a lot of good things to do, but you also add the  warmth and the – at least [inaudible - 0:26:00.7] that should have and really  learn some good things from this call. Not try to duplicate it but at least  learn some techniques from it.  
  Dr.  David Madow: But  I think we both have to agree. She did everything in her power whether we  agree on how she did it. Everything in her power to get me and part of my family  or most of my family on that appointment book. She did everything she probably  could. She really did. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Okay. I’m going to give her a B+. 
  Dr.  David Madow:  Before I give my grade, actually I was going to say the exact same thing. I  think she deserves every bit of a B+. What do you think about the age thing?  About the smallest child. I can’t remember my smallest… 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  That it had to be five – she’s saying. 
  Dr.  David Madow: I  think she said six but if he’s like almost five she might be able to fudge it  a little bit.  
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Almost five. It didn’t sound like. I mean if it has to be six, what’s that  five thing? 
  Dr.  David Madow: Got  to be six, but I think if he’s five. I don’t know… 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  It has to be six. So if he’s five he gets in. Very confusing. 
  Dr.  David Madow: But  what do you think about that age requirement? 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  I don’t know why they would do that. You’ve got a family of four coming in and  there’s a 4-year old. Say come on in. 
  Dr.  David Madow: She  said, well he might have to see a pediatric dentist. That could split the  whole family up. That could be the one deciding factor. We want to go  somewhere where they can see everybody. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Exactly. Again, we’re talking about a large chain with policies up the Ying  Yang and that one. I don’t see – I mean if they had a one-year-old, bring the  one-year-old in.  
  Dr.  David Madow:  Bring him in. We’ll take a look at him.  
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Give him some sugary candy to suck on so it gets rotten [inaudible -  0:27:23.4]. 
  Dr.  David Madow:  Bring him in. Bring the whole family. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  I don’t care for that either, but I’m sure some lawyer in some corporate  office had come up with that reason.  
  Dr.  David Madow:  Yeah probably true. Okay so we both say B+. Cool. 
  Dr.  Richard Madow:  Hey we will see you and hopefully we’ll give you an A on the next episode of  the Dental Practice Fixers. I’m Dr. Richard Madow. 
  Dr.  David Madow: Dr.  David Madow. See you next time. 
  [music playing] 




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