The New iPhone & Treatment Plan Acceptance

treatment plan

What does a treatment plan and the new iPhone have in common?

Have you seen the new iPhone 12? It’s pretty sweet. It’s got 5G, a fantastic camera that does all kinds of neat things, a vividly clear display, and it comes in a new color, beautiful Pacific Blue.

And even though the iPhone 12 Pro with 512GB will set you back $1300, they are selling like crazy. Add sales tax plus a nice case, and an iPhone is roughly the price of a crown if not more. Which brings us to your dental office.

You can bet your sweet bippy that no one at Apple feels guilty about selling the new iPhone 12. After all, it’s the latest in technology, you use it every day, and it will last a few years.

Let’s compare that to a crown. It’s the latest in technology, gets used many times per day, and will last decades. And while an iPhone can make you stare vacantly into a screen all day, a dental crown undoubtedly increases the health and well-being of the “user.”

So why do so many team members, and yes, dentists, feel guilty when presenting treatment, fearing that the patient will be blown away by the cost? When you think about what dental treatment plan does for our patients – it’s an absolute bargain!

To discuss a treatment plan properly and confidently, we need to understand what a great value dentistry is. Your patients choose iPhones and the like all day long, whether they need a new one or not. Compared to that, presenting dentistry should be a breeze!!

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