The Portable, Recession-Proof, Grow Your Practice, Earn More Money, And Love Your Life Mega-Bundle!

Finally – You Can Have The Best, Easiest To Use Practice Building and Life Changing Instruction Ever Given In Dentistry Delivered Right To Your Door! Enjoy fifteen bundles plus bonus material that will help grow your practice and earn more money.


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“Are You Ready To Grow Your Practice Like Crazy, Earn More Than Ever Before, Have The Happiest Team In Dentistry, and Enjoy Your Life Again?”

Take advantage of our “Warehouse Flood Sale” on

The Portable, Recession-Proof, Grow Your Practice, Earn More Money, And Love Your Life Mega-Bundle!

Finally – You Can Have The Best, Easiest To Use Practice Building and Life Changing Instruction Ever Given In Dentistry Delivered Right To Your Door! (at a never before offered price!!)

Are you concerned about all of the things that practically every dentist has on their minds right now? Things like…

How can my practice grow with corporate dentistry, PPOs, and a fragile economy always lurking in the background? Will I be able to comfortably retire? Is my practice plateauing? When will I finally earn the money I deserve from dentistry?

If these types of thoughts cross your mind from time to time, you’re not alone.

The good news is – no matter what style practice you have, wherever you are located, and whatever your level of success, there are many proven strategies you can use – and use right now – to increase your income significantly without working any harder!

For the last twenty-plus years, we (The Madow Brothers) have been traveling across the continent, teaching thousands of dentists and team members how to have more successful practices, earn more money and enjoy every single day in dentistry. The practices we work with have seen their incomes increase significantly along with their practice satisfaction.

Now, for the first time ever, we have distilled all of this knowledge into fifteen easy-to-use modules that are guaranteed* to build your practice like never before!

(*We are so confident that this material will significantly increase your practice income that it is backed by our “100X Guarantee!!” Keep reading to find out exactly what that is and why no one else in dentistry does this!!)

This is some of the same material we teach our highest-level coaching clients – those who pay us $50,000 or more!


The Portable, Recession-Proof, Grow Your Practice, Earn More Money, And Love Your Life Mega-Bundle!

At your own pace, you can now have exclusive access to all of the tips, tricks, and practice-building secrets that have helped so many others finally enjoy enormous success in dentistry.

If you are ready to love dentistry, enjoy going to work every single day and truly take your practice to the next level, this is for you!!

You can now have all of the modules – fifteen of them containing our most powerful, tested, practice building secrets delivered right to your door!!

So just what are some of the amazing practice building secrets included in these 15 modules?? Certainly not the same b.s. you hear at all the association meetings and read about in the “throwaway” journals. We don’t give bogus advice like “you gotta think outside the box” and “push the envelope.”

We’re also not here to tell you which impression material and composite resin you should be using. There are fantastic clinical experts out there who can help you with that. But if you seriously want to grow your practice, earn lots more money, have a happy team and enjoy every second of it – you should pay close attention!

MODULE #1: Immediately Increase Your Cash Flow!

We started with this one because this module alone will pay for the entire kit in 14 days or less! If you ever feel like you are on roller-skates all day but not enough cash is coming in, this is for you! In Module #1 you will learn:

  • One simple thing to add to every patient exam (it will take 30 seconds or less) that can add more than $100,000 in treatment every year!
  • What a famous company did to increase their sales by 27% in one year and how you can do the same. It’s simple, costs no money, and anyone can do it!
  • The one thing every single practice can do today to increase cash flow tomorrow. It’s easy, but no one does it!!
  • One stress-free five-minute phone call that puts increased cash on auto-pilot. Just sit back as the flow happens!!
  • Many more simple and easy cash-flow solutions!

MODULE #2: Generate Referrals Without Begging, Pleading, or Sounding Desperate

We all want more referrals in our practice, but let’s face it – advice like “starting today, ask every single patient to refer a friend or colleague” just doesn’t work. What if you knew ten proven ways to get more referrals into your practice without begging, pleading, or embarrassing yourself? In this module you will learn things like:

  • How to easily become the “go-to” dentist in your community!
  • What the “Golden Rule of Referrals” is and why it works every time!
  • Give this away and watch new patients flood your practice!
  • How to turn your “quiet vendors” into loud referral machines!
  • Never “ask” for a referral again – simply do this and sit back!
  • How you can have a team meeting, never discuss referrals, and still have new patients come in as a result. It’s crazy – and it works!
  • Many more proven and easy referral secrets!

MODULE #3: Triple Your Hygiene Production Now!

One of the most consistent things we see during in-office consults is an under-performing hygiene department. Dental hygiene is the backbone of every practice – why not make it more productive now? In this all-important module you will learn things like:

  • How to turn any dental hygienist from the “cleaning lady” to a true periodontal therapist!
  • A simple way to add $100,000 in production by turning on your “hygiene machine!”
  • What the toothpaste companies have all wrong, and how you can use it to your advantage!
  • How to approach the dreaded question – “My last dentist never told me I had gum disease,” or worse – “I was just here six months ago and you never told me this!” It will make you look like a genius, and make the patient run right to the appointment book!
  • Why the happiest hygienists in town are also the most productive!
  • Many more ways to rock your hygiene department!

MODULE #4: Reduce Cancellations and No Shows Now!

We have NEVER done an in-office consult where the question didn’t come up – “How can we reduce our no-shows and cancellations?” In this module you will finally learn how that can become a reality. With the average dental appointment generating over $450.00, how many filled cancellations will it take to pay for this program? You do the math!!

  • You can actually reduce cancellations and no shows by 90% using this simple three-step process!
  • Why putting a patient on hold can actually stop them from canceling. CAUTION: This must be done correctly or it will backfire!
  • The one simple phrase that needs to be put on your appointment card to stop no-shows and last minute cancellations!
  • This appointment is the number one no-show in just about every practice – not any more!!
  • Why patients really cancel or no-show, and what you can do about it!
  • You work hard to fill that schedule – now keep it intact!!

MODULE #5: Dental Internet Secrets – Get New Patients Sitting At Home In Your Underwear!

Every month millions of potential new patients go to Google and other Internet sites to find their new dentist. Don’t you want them to find YOU? The best thing is, these techniques work 24 hours per day, 7 days per week – whether you are working in your practice, on vacation, or sitting at home in your underwear! Things like:

  • Five million people per month go to Google when looking for a new dentist. Here’s how to get them to find your practice instead of the competition’s!
  • The Internet listing service that your practice is on whether you know it or not! Here’s how to make sure good things are being said about you there!
  • The simple five second trick to see if your dental website is any good. Why have a website if it is not bringing you tons of new patients?
  • Why most dental websites are not working and how to fix yours!
  • The three things every website needs. Ignore these at your own risk!
  • The number one most crucial thing that potential new patients search for when looking for a new dentist. If you don’t know this, you simply will not be found!
  • Why a “butt ugly” website can grow your practice more than a beautiful (and expensive!) one. This is scary!!
  • Many more Internet secrets to grow your practice the easy way!

MODULE #6: Finally Increase Your Treatment Plan Acceptance!

Wouldn’t life be easy if those crazy patients just said “yes” to all of their treatment recommendations? Well, a super-high treatment plan acceptance rate is finally within your grasp. The best news is, anyone can do it – without any fancy courses, new equipment, or confrontational techniques. In this all-important module you will learn things like:

  • Stop “educating” your patients – tell them this and they will beg you for treatment!
  • Don’t believe those high-priced fancy-schmancy case acceptance institutes – everything they say is wrong! Use these simple steps instead and get ready to appoint!
  • Learn the easy, ninety-second, $20,000 non-confrontational treatment plan system – it will change your life!
  • How to get patients to accept outside financing every time. Stop being a bank!
  • Treatment planning acceptance starts with the exam – learn how to do it right!
  • Why you should never ask a patient if they want to begin treatment – and what to do instead!
  • The lesson from Nordstrom that will make you laugh – and then say “I finally get it!!!”
  • Many more treatment plan acceptance tips and tricks!

MODULE #7: Off The Wall Ideas For More New Patients Than Ever!

Sometimes at a live event we will ask, “Are there any practices here that don’t want more new patients?” And not a single hand goes up. Why? We ALL want more new patients! They are the heart that make our practices beat! But you probably already know the same old b.s. that every so-called expert talks about. In this module you will learn some truly “Off The Wall” ideas for getting new patients – things you have never heard before and that no one else is doing. Best of all, they work! Things like:

  • How to avoid having the “Four most dangerous words in dentistry” being said about you…and they are!
  • You refer to specialists – here’s how to have them refer to you!!
  • How to turn a simple business card into the ultimate referral machine!
  • Put this in your reception area and get your entire community talking about your practice. This one is totally off-the-wall and it works!
  • How you can easily get the owners of popular restaurants in your area to tell EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER about your practice! They will gladly do this for you if you know how!
  • A valuable lesson from the skateboarding punk rocker that will make your phone ring!
  • How to make your team uniforms bring tons of new patients in!
  • Many more strategies – and they are all “Off The Wall!”

MODULE #8: The Ultimate Productive Team Meeting With M Power!

Team meetings. We all know that we should have them – yet so many practices dread seeing them on the schedule. Either they are a waste of time or worse – they turn into finger-pointing bitch sessions! And then – we just stop having them. But research shows that the most successful practices have team meetings on a regular basis. So how can you…

  • Never again say “What should we discuss at our meeting this week?” With M Power, every meeting is guaranteed to be productive!
  • Transform your team meetings from bitch sessions to practice builders!
  • Harness the best income producing ideas without using a consultant!
  • Increase practice quality, productivity, efficiency and profitability… for free!
  • Reach your practice goals faster and better – with less waste!
  • A happy team means a happy practice – now you can make it happen!
  • Every step to make your horrible team meetings into highly productive M Power meetings!!

MODULE #9: The Most Important Instrument In Your Practice is the Telephone!

Practically every single new patient appointment in your practice begins with a telephone call. When an office masters telephone techniques, their production automatically increases! It’s scary how many potential new patients are lost before they ever walk in the door. With this module, there will be no need to pay an “institute” tens of thousands of dollars or be humiliated by rigged “secret shopper calls.” Here’s what you will learn!

  • The easy-to-implement telephone technique that will double, triple, or even quadruple your new patient flow. It doesn’t cost a dime!!
  • The one, single, biggest and most costly (BY FAR!) mistake dental practices make when it comes to answering the telephone. It’s easy to remedy!
  • Spend five seconds doing this and get those new patients to come in the door!
  • Why 90% of your potential new patients are “lost and gone forever” – and how to prevent that from happening!
  • Why you should never ask a patient if they want to make an appointment, and what to do instead!
  • How to schedule a patient who calls but absolutely will not appoint. It’s miraculous!
  • Many more ways to master “the most important instrument in your office!”

MODULE #10: Answer the Most Difficult Questions That Patients Ask

We hate it when patients ask those pesky questions (see below!). Why? Mainly because we don’t have great answers! But that’s about to change. Wouldn’t it be great if you could answer difficult questions in a way that not only makes the patient happy but causes them to run to the appointment book? You can when you know…

  • Don’t just answer the most difficult questions – do it in a way that moves the patient towards treatment!
  • How long will this crown last? Here’s the answer!
  • Do you take my insurance? (You don’t.) Get the patient to come in anyway!
  • Why are you fees so high? Here’s the answer to make them beg you to treat them!
  • Why didn’t my last dentist tell me this? Never get caught in this trap again!
  • Can you just accept my insurance as payment in full? Say this and out comes the checkbook!
  • Can’t you just fill it? Can’t you just bill me? Can’t I just get a regular cleaning? All of the answers you need are finally here – and they get patients to say YES!!

MODULE #11: Never Run Late and Make Your Practice More Efficient Today!

Running late will cause you to lose many patients and anger the rest. That’s just one of the many efficiency issues tackled in this module! It’s time to cut the waste in your practice and never run late once and for all!! If you think it’s impossible, think again – because it’s easy when you know how!

  • A simple technique that will help you to never run late and have your team give you a standing ovation!
  • Your patients will leave you if you do this…but they will never tell you why! (We see it in over 85% of dental practices.)
  • How to schedule “same day procedures” without running late!
  • Why the country’s best run airline can make you much more efficient! Institute this rule and watch your practice “take off!”
  • Cut the waste and stop running late – you can do it now!
  • Many more tips and tricks to run an efficient practice!

MODULE #12: Ten Simple Things That Every Practice Needs To Do Right Now!

Based on our visits to hundreds of practices we have identified ten simple things that every single practice can do (and needs to do!) right now to increase both production and practice satisfaction. Best of all, these things don’t involve purchasing any fancy equipment, taking expensive courses, or hiring a high-priced consultant. So just what are the ten things you need to know?

  • Why “bad language” can be killing your practice. We’ve seen it in every single dental office!
  • The number one (by far!) simplest, most basic things that most practices screw up 40% of the time. It’s extremely costly!
  • Why emergency patients can be a huge practice builder, and why they usually aren’t. Don’t worry – it’s easy to change!
  • Patients won’t buy from a “wishy-washy” doctor – so you need to make this simple change!
  • Why the way they taught you to do this in dental school (and in most dental seminars) is dead wrong – it’s simple to fix!
  • How to get rid of the “back vs. front” syndrome once and for all!!
  • More great stuff that won’t cost a dime to implement!

MODULE #13: Your Reputation Matters – Get Better Reviews on Google and Yelp!

It’s the reality of the Internet world – piss a patient off (even if it’s not your fault) and instead of telling a few friends they tell the entire world on an Internet rating site. The crazy thing is, whether they are accurate or not there is very little you can do about it! That’s why it’s best to take a proactive approach to these sites – and make sure you know how to use them to your advantage! In this absolutely crucial module you will learn:

  • A sure-fire way to get more excellent reviews than you ever thought possible – it’s perfectly legal!
  • Bad reviews happen. But don’t panic – use them in your favor!
  • Why you shouldn’t ask patients to do a review in your office, and what to do instead!
  • How to respond to a negative review and come out smelling like a rose!
  • The (crazy!) problem with too many excellent reviews!
  • Why Yelp hides many reviews, and how to get them not to hide your good ones!
  • Many more tips and techniques to make you king or queen of the review sites!

MODULE #14: Practice Calibration – The Ultimate Communication Technique

It’s often said that communication skills are just as important as clinical skills. But when it comes to practice success – that’s not true. Communication skills are MUCH MORE important than clinical skills. Of course, without clinical excellence, any practice will fail. But without the best communication skills, you won’t have any patients to even treat! That’s why you need to know…

  • Practice success is 90% communication – stack the odds in your favor!
  • Finally hone perfect and consistent answers for every question your patients ask!
  • Eliminate practice confusion once and for all!
  • Simple techniques to ensure the “back” and the “front” finally get along!
  • Patients who aren’t confused say “YES!” – this will guarantee it!!
  • Many more great communication tips – they are worth their weight in gold!!

MODULE #15: 10 Direct Mail Secrets To Get Your Phone Ringing Off The Hook!

It’s amazing but true – even in the “electronic era,” direct mail is the simplest, most consistent and cost-effective form of marketing in dentistry. But only if you know how to do it correctly! This is not the time to be experimenting, or throwing things against the wall to see what sticks. When every penny counts, you need to know:

  • An incredibly easy yet zero-confrontational way to get five new patients 72 hours after this “hits!”
  • Why using a discounted offer is a bad idea, and what to do instead!
  • Triple the power of every marketing piece without spending an extra dime!
  • How to finally combat the fear of “what will my colleagues think?”
  • A simple way to instantly “grab” new patients into your practice!
  • Why patients may be calling your practice and not appointing – and how to solve that problem once and for all!!
  • Direct mail isn’t dead – it’s more alive then ever, if you know this crucial secret!
  • Many more tips to get new patients calling YOU!!

Wow – that a lot of stuff! Fifteen complete modules!! It’s impossible to believe that anyone who puts even a few of these things into action wouldn’t increase their practice significantly!

There is no question about it – once you experience all of this non-stop practice building information, you will realize that everything else is like “Dental Elementary School” – and often taught by so-called “experts” who have never even held a handpiece!

We’re two actual dentists who have experienced amazing success, taught thousands of others, and are ready to show you real life stuff that actually works!

So how much will it cost to get all of this practice building, life-changing information sent right to your door?

First, please consider this. How much would it really cost you to attend a full day dental seminar (where you won’t get nearly this much information)? Here’s a typical example:

Doctor tuition: $395.00
Team tuition: $147.00 X 5 = $735.00
Lunch for the whole gang: $200.00
Lost day of production: $5000.00

Wow – it can actually cost well over six thousand dollars to attend a full day seminar!

Now what if you wanted to kick it up a notch and bring us into your practice for a full day consult? That would cost over $20,000 – and be worth every penny!

But now you can have a HUGE box of the best practice-building information in dentistry sent right to your door without skipping a beat! And when you take advantage of our “Warehouse Flood Sale” you will save even more!!

That’s right, for a limited time you can experience “The Portable, Recession-Proof, Grow Your Practice, Earn More Money, And Love Your Life Mega-Bundle” in the comfort of your home or office for just…


That is by far the lowest price ever on this incredible practice-growth package!

And as if fifteen modules aren’t enough, we have decided to give you some select items from our practice-building library along with it. Many of these items were damaged in the flood as well, but we will throw in at least one of them – possibly more!!

Bonus Item # 1: “Everything Is Marketing – The Ultimate Strategy For Dental Practice Growth” by Fred Joyal!

When it comes to dental marketing, Fred Joyal is in a league of his own! As the co-founder of 1-800-DENTIST he is probably responsible for more new patient appointments than anyone in dental history! So when Fred talks, we always listen! His bestselling book “Everything Is Marketing” is now in its fifth edition, and has been called a “must read” for anyone who hopes to grow their practice into the future.

This is not theoretical hogwash – this book is loaded with some of the best real-world practice building information we have ever seen!

VALUE $49.95

Bonus Item # 2: “The Ultimate Patient Experience Secrets” practice building three audio CD training program by Dr. David Moffet

If you are not yet familiar with Dr. David Moffet, that has to change! This Australian dental whiz has created a system called “The Ultimate Patient Experience!” It is a huge hit in his native country and is about to take North America by storm! The “UPE” is his step-by-step system that has allowed him to work four days per week, vacation for 15 weeks per year, and ultimately sell his practice at a young age and purchase a beautiful farm in the Australian countryside! (Sounds like a rough life!) We both know David personally, and can vouch for the fact that he is the real deal!

In the “Ultimate Patient Experience Secrets” three audio CD program you will learn things like:

  • How Dr. Moffet went from a failing student to selling his dental practice for $2.75 million!
  • How to charge the highest fees possible – and have your patients thank you for it! (You will easily see that people are not nearly as fee sensitive as we think!)
  • The “Cornerstone Concept” to making your patients happy. It’s simple, it works, and it is priceless! Happy patients pay, stay and refer!
  • How to train patients to not just miss appointments, but show up early!
  • Why anyone can convert a “phone call” into a high value patient using a trick hardly anyone knows about!

This is the exact same information Dr. Moffet used to grow his practice to over $3,000,000 in annual revenue and then sell it for a windfall!

VALUE: $97.00

Bonus Item # 3: “Multi-Million Dollar Dental Practice – How To NET $1 Million A Year In Your Dental Practice Even In A Recession” by Dr. Mike Kessner!

This book could change your life and the life of those around you! When you make the choice to forget about everything you assumed to be true and are ready to finally become wealthy in dentistry, why do it the hard way? Dr. Mike Kessner has spent years researching the best ways to provide excellent patient care, reduce stress, and yes – make a ton of money while doing so! Reading about his “quantum leap” will show that you can do it too! This is one of our favorite dental books for good reason.

VALUE – $1,000,000…but it sells for $25.00!!

4. Bonus Item # 4: Special Report – “They Didn’t Teach Us That In Dental School!” by Dr. Steve Katz!

Fresh off winning the “Best New Speaker In Dentistry” title, Dr. Steve Katz is an up and coming force in dental practice improvement! His just published book, “They Didn’t Teach Us That In Dental School,” is rapidly becoming a best-seller. Why? Because it teaches, well – what they didn’t teach you in dental school!

Here are just a few of the things you will learn in these excerpts:

  • The most important statistic in measuring the true success of your practice!
  • How to get rid of the “we’ve always done it that way” syndrome and institute true change!
  • The only way to truly begin elevating your practice!
  • An incredibly important lesson: how to juggle work, family, friends, health and everything else that is important in life!
  • What it really takes to be a leader!
  • And so much more!!!

This is not just recommended reading – it’s required!

VALUE: $47.00

Bonus Item # 5: The Greatest Dental Book Ever Written – “The Obvious Secret” by Dr. Earl Estep!!

It is absolutely not an exaggeration to say this could be the greatest dental book ever written. But when we discovered it back in the 1980s (it was already old then!) we thought it was some kind of outdated joke!

Ten dollar fillings! Three dollar extractions! And the spelling and grammar! Shew!!! How could this book be relevant to anyonesearching for cutting edge material and ready to change the face of dentistry?

Well, even though some of the material is antiquated, the basic messages this book conveys are actually more relevant TODAYthan they were back in the mid-seventies when it was first published.

It totally blows away so many concepts that we have just assumed to be true and have prevented us from being happy, successful, and most of all, incredibly productive.


Its basic principles are so important that everything we did to build our practices was based on them. It’s actually possible that the dentist who handed us a worn-out dog-eared copy of this book many years ago was more responsible for our success in dentistry than anyone else!!

Ten years ago we decided to share this classic with subscribers to our newsletter.

So… we called Dr. Earl Estep to find out how we could share this exemplary masterpiece with our readers.

Well, we were shocked when his wife Pat told us that despite over ten thousand requests for this must-read, it has been out of print for years and remained that way. Earl said that he would maybe one day get around to reprinting it, but right now he was busy “trying to retire” and just hasn’t done it yet. But we all agreed that the message contained in “The Obvious Secret” was just too important to be missed.

So through a special arrangement made with Dr. Estep, we reprinted a limited number of his classic book “The Obvious Secret” to be shared only with our members on a first come, first served basis.

That was ten years ago, and we continue to get hundreds of requests for this book. Unfortunately, due to our exclusive agreement with Earl, we are not allowed to sell them.

But we are allowed to “give them away” without breaking our agreement with Dr. Estep! And that is exactly what we will do for you when you purchase

The Portable, Recession-Proof, Grow Your Practice, Earn More Money, And Love Your Life Mega-Bundle!

Yes – there is a reason we can offer a guarantee like this – because we know this stuff works!

So if you are thinking – “Yeah, this sounds great, but how much is it all going to cost me?” we have some good news for you!

The entire package, all fifteen modules AND at least one of the amazing bonus items can be yours for the “Warehouse Flood Sale” price of just


These originally sold for $697 and were worth every penny and more!! Order now! We are in the process of cleaning our warehouses and these will not last forever!!

For way less than the fee for a single crown (which you will be doing a lot more of soon!) you can have the information that will skyrocket your practice to the next level!

Now it’s up to you. Are you ready to make this year the year your practice explodes with growth and you enjoy dentistry more than ever before? Are you ready to have a team that totally “gets it” and treats the practice as if it is their own? Do you want your income to increase to the level you deserve?

“Are Finally You Ready To Grow Your Practice Like Crazy, Earn More Than Ever Before, Have The Happiest Team In Dentistry, and Enjoy Your Life Again?”

The ball is in your court!

The Portable, Recession-Proof, Grow Your Practice, Earn More Money, And Love Your Life Mega-Bundle!

Don’t wait. The $297 “Warehouse Flood Sale” will only go on for a very limited time!!

P.S. #1 You have ONE FULL YEAR to find out if this information is right for you and your practice. If not, just send it back for a full 100% refund. You even get the amazing 100X guarantee! No one else in dentistry can make a guarantee like this. Why do you think that is?

P.S. #2 For over twenty-five years The Madow Brothers have been “The Voice of Dentistry!” Now is the time to find out why! Call 1-800-258-0060 and see what so many of your colleagues already know when it comes to practice growth, happiness, and earning more money in dentistry!


Order now and your price really is $297. If this was a great deal before, we just made it into the biggest no-brainer of 2017!

Let's talk success!

If you are serious about earning more money, reducing your stress, uniting your team – and learning how Madow Coaching can help you reach the practice of your dreams and live the life you have always wanted and deserve, the free Masterclass is for you!!