The Results Are In And It’s Not Good!

Since we have over 10,000 Madow friends who have attended our seminars, subscribed to our Audio Series, Promail, Madow Powerhouse Coaching and all kinds of other great stuff, we have a built-in test market for, well……dental experiments.

Our fantastic Madow Group team has the occasion to call many dental offices during the day – so we thought it would be interesting to track some statistics. Here’s what we did.

For one week, we tracked how many calls that we placed to dental practices across North America during NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS were answered by an actual human being and how many by an answering machine or nothing at all. What do you think the results were? Actually we were shocked.

A full 38% of calls made to dental practices (and these are some great practices!!) were not answered during normal business hours!! This is just unbelievable!!!
Imagine that you are a potential new patient, nervously calling your new dentist. Then, you hear a recorded voice that says:
“Thank you for calling Dr. Jones’ office. We are either out of the office or assisting other patients right now, blah blah blah………”
Or how about this classic?
“You have reached Dr. Smith’s office. We are currently out to lunch, yada, yada, yada….”
Do you think a potential new patient cares that you are out to lunch? NO!! They don’t need to know that you eat, drink, breathe or go to the bathroom. All they need to know is when their appointment is.

We’ll be back soon with simple ways to avoid this catastrophe (and yes, it is a catastrophe) but for now, let’s just say this. Your patients and potential patients expect you to be open and answering the telephone during normal business hours. And that means Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 5:00 at the very least – including lunch!  Anything else is simply bad business. Even if your practice is jam packed too busy for words – answer the phone!!!

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