The Sweetest Words A Dental Practice Can Hear!!

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What are the sweetest words a dental practice can hear?

How about these? “I’m new in town and I’m looking for a dentist!” Wow – doesn’t get much better than that! On this week’s episode of The Dental Practice Fixers podcast, we throw up two “softballs” – potential patients who say just that. What could possibly go wrong? As it turns out – lots! The team members who answered the phones were both extremely nice – but they both went off on tangents and never…..well, you need to hear it to believe it. What would The Dental Practice Fixers (Dr. Richard Madow and Dr. David Madow) do? Listen and find out!

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Highlights from “The Sweetest Words A Dental Practice Can Hear!”

0:15 – Rich is excited to tell the listeners something brand new

0:34 – David says that these calls are going to blow people away

0:42 – The question is raised – What determines a good call?

1:21 – Rich tells a story about a shoe repair store and what the store owner never does will surprise you.

2:13 – Rich gives a small piece of advice for dental offices

2:35 – David asks a tough-and-cheek question

2:49 – HIPAA laws are brought up and what should should a dentist do?

5:09 – First call with a dental office

6:59 – David and Rich discuss what happened

8:00 – This is what every dental office wants to hear. Here is the sweetest words a dental practice wants to hear.

8:21 – Should you mention to the caller about insurance down coding

9:44 – David asks the question – How would Rich or himself do if they were put into a front desk situation?

10:21 – David and Rich give their pass/fail for the caller

10:51 – David tells a simple principle to use for dentistry

11:14 – What if the dentist is roaming around in the front office and over heard the conversation?  What would the front office person say?

12:44 – Rich talks about his days as a dental student and visiting David as an associate with a dental practice.

13:18 – Is there anything wrong with a bread and butter dental office? David and Rich give their answer

13:28 – One thing that a dental sometimes doesn’t do right with insurance claims

14:25 – Is your dentist office doing things backwards?

14:53 – Ready for the next secret shopper call?

16:07 – Learn about a vendor in the dental metal refining world and what Rich and Dave learned about the dental metal refining industry

16:26 – Southern Dental Refining will give you more money for your precious metal than anyone else out there.

17:31 – Dave speaks to the dentist that has never felt the need to mess with scrap metal

18:24 – Dave talks about an upcoming Masterclass for Dentists.

19:07 – Dave tells us how to join the VIP list. Madow Dental Digest – Send a text to 443-312-2014

20:32 – Second caller starts

21:24 – Holy Moly – Rich responses to this secret shopper call

21:57 – Here is what every dentist wants to hear – The sweetest words every dental practice wants to hear

22:18 Rich talks about what the front office person should have said.

24:08 – Dave talks about what if the dentist was walking by what would the front office person say?

24:54 – Rich and Dave give their rating for the caller

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