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Want to dramatically improve your new patient flow, customer service skills, treatment acceptance, and overall practice attitude? Then listen up.

We all know that the telephone is the most important instrument in your practice. All of your new patients come to you through the telephone. Much of your scheduled treatment involves the telephone. It’s the conduit between your practice and the outside world. Handling telephone calls properly can be the difference between a hugely successful practice and one which struggles month to month.

Recently we recorded a DVD entitled “Top Twenty Telephone Tips, Tricks and Techniques.” The information contained in this program is absolutely worth tons of new patients and hundreds of thousands of dollars in newly found production. It will also let your current patients know that they are in the right practice!

What’s in it? Here are a few examples:

  • What to do with your answering machine to get more new patients than ever before. This is simple to do and guaranteed to work!
  • It’s never good to put people on hold – but if you HAVE TO – doing this can actually increase high end treatment being performed in your office!
  • A telephone tip straight from the hospital emergency room. Do this and begin scheduling more new patients!
  • Three words to NEVER say on the telephone. We hear these all the time, and if you want your practice to grow you need to drop them from your vocabulary!
  • Patient trying to get an “over-the-phone diagnosis?” Here’s the best way to handle it AND get a new patient at the same time!
  • Why you should never ask “Would you like to make an appointment?” Say this instead and they WILL make one!
  • A “magic phrase” to say on the phone which makes every patient and potential patient instantly feel welcome in your practice!
  • What to say if a patient calls and insists on speaking with the doctor. Nip this one in the bud!
  • The right way to answer the phone to instantly let people know you have the best office in town!
  • And much much more!

This DVD was originally made in extremely limited numbers – and it was so popular that we would now like to give you one for free!

It’s part of our Madow Powerhouse Coaching Program, and we are inviting you to give it a “test drive” by giving you the DVD “Top Twenty Telephone Tips, Tricks and Techniques” AND the months of September and October absolutely free! Plus – you will get the chance to be on our Powerhouse MEMBERS ONLY teleconference at the end of this month and every month after that!
This “virtual national study club” gives you amazing tools to build your practice and enhance your career more than ever.
Members get:

  • A monthly instructional DVD by The Madow Brothers made exclusively for Powerhouse members
  • A monthly “meeting” – a live teleconference with other Powerhouse members where they share their practice building secrets
  • A professionally written blog  / article which will help inform your patients and boost your practice
  • Access to our members only Powerhouse private forum  – the country’s best “no b.s.” discussions on any possible issue affecting your practice
  • FREE attendance at our annual “Live Powerhouse Brainstorming” session, which has been described as a life changing event!

To let you see just how incredible this program is, we invite you to take a “test drive.”
Call 1-888-88-MADOW right now and we will give you the rest of September and the entire month of October totally free, including the DVD and instant access to “Top Twenty Telephone Tips and Techniques.”
You have nothing to lose – and becoming a member of Madow Powerhouse Coaching just may change your practice AND your life forever! It’s the best and most affordable program of its kind!

Call our office now at 1-888-88-MADOW and we will get you started!

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