The tree man

Just last week one of us called a tree service for a free consultation to take a look at a tree on our property that was of concern. It was leaning over and many of the branches in the higher areas appeared to be dying.

When the tree service arrived, the guy took one look at the tree in question and said that it needed to come down. He quoted a fee of $645 and said his crew could get to it either Wednesday morning or Thursday afternoon. He asked which day would be better.

The first thought that came to my mind was why don’t we just keep an eye on it? It didn’t look terrible to me. Maybe we could check it in a year and see how it was doing.

So I asked him if we could watch it.

The tree man looked at me very confidently and responded, “Watch it? Watch it do what? This tree is not going to get better on its own and besides that, it is a danger to you, your house, your cars, and anyone else that may be on your property. This needs to be taken care of now.”

And then he said something that totally hit home.

He asked me if I had a tooth with decay in it, would I just “watch it?”

The crew was out on Wednesday and they took care of the tree.

Are you still “watching” things in your practice? Next time you say “let’s keep an eye on it,” please remember the tree man!