The Worst Resume EVER!

As you can imagine, after over 22 years of teaching success in dentistry we have seen some incredible stuff.

And although it was not solicited, a few days ago a résumé came into our email box that was absolutely without a doubt the worst we have ever seen. It was TWRE – “The Worst Résumé Ever!!”

Yes – the formatting and spacing were absolutely horrible. It was done on a bare MS Word document and was truly butt ugly. And it was in all caps, which made it very difficult to read.

But even though we are not looking for a dental hygienist right now, none of those things automatically disqualified this applicant from employment.

Would you like to see the worst résumé ever for yourself to see what made it so bad? Don’t worry – the name and contact information have been changed to protect the guilty.

Okay – check it out by clicking here.

Wow – what did you think? Why was it the worst résumé ever?

Well, not because she told us where she went to kindergarten, although no one really gives a crap about that.

She complained about practically every job she ever had!!

This one changed the hours without telling her, this one had high turnover, this one lied about benefits, this one sugar-coated perio issues and made her work with broken instruments – holy moly!! Who in the world would ever hire this person? Anyone who would be stupid enough to do so would surely wind up being next on the list of complaints. Incredible!!

But there is a great lesson that we can learn from this to use in our own practices, and it’s this:

Criticizing others only makes us look bad in the long run.

Probably in the short run too!! So…..

NEVER talk trash about another dentist’s work, even if it sucks!

NEVER say anything bad about a team member who left the practice, even if they were a loser who resigned out of nowhere and left you in the lurch!

NEVER criticize or discipline a team member in front of others!

NEVER blame the lab!

In short – if you screw something up, take responsibility and make it better. If someone else screws up, keep your mouth shut and make it better too!!

And please, if you are going to send us your résumé, don’t make it “The Worst Résumé Ever!!”

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