There Is No “Control – Z” In Life”

One of the best computer shortcuts is “Control – Z.” Why? Because it automatically erases mistakes.

Didn’t mean to delete that paragraph you just spent one hour refining? Control –Z! Moved those PowerPoint slides to the wrong place and got them out of order? Control – Z! That font looks horrible! Control – Z!

Had one drink too many? Pissed off someone at work? Told your husband your college boyfriend was a better lover? “Yes honey, to be honest with you those pants DO make your butt look big. Huge actually.” Sorry – there is no “control – Z” in real life!

How about in your practice? Surely mistakes will happen – and when they do a sincere apology and maybe even a small token like movie tickets or a mug with flowers can work wonders. But even better yet – perfect your systems so that mistakes rarely happen.

So yes – it is fantastic to apologize to a patient for running late, but it is even better to consistently take them back on time.  And if a patient’s crown doesn’t fit and they need to be rescheduled, it is fantastic to explain to them how high your standards are and that is why you are re-doing the crown – but getting it right the first time is even better. (As a quick aside, if this seems to be happening more than you would like – and even a few times should be more than you would like, be sure to take us up on our offer of three free crowns just for trying Maverick Lab. You’ll be glad you did!)

Maybe worst of all  – if you get a potential new patient on the phone who is “shopping,” asking difficult questions about insurance, etc. and they do not make it into your appointment book, well, there is absolutely no “control-z” for that! That potential new patient is lost and gone forever!

Get it right the first time – that’s the main thing. There is no “control-Z” in life!

By the way – please check out our brand new program  – “Profitable Scheduling.” It will pay for itself so quickly in new patient flow you’ll be kicking yourself for not getting it sooner! And this time there IS a “control-z!” If you aren’t thrilled with the results, we will give you your money back!!

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