There May Actually Be a Second Time Around For Dentists!

You might have heard us talk about Mayer before. Mayer has been a dear and close friend of the Madow Group for many years. As one of the leading dental management consultants in the country, we have been proud to have Mayer as a contributing columnist to our monthly newsletter. He has had an interesting and unusual career path.

For 29 years, Dr. Mayer Levitt had a very lucrative practice in Providence, Rhode Island where he transformed a small, two-room office into a 12 treatment room blockbuster with an incredible staff of 24 hard-working individuals who loved their jobs. During the last seven years of his practice, Mayer — on a very limited and part-time basis — consulted with about 75 dental practices in the New England area who wanted to know how the “Levitt Magic” worked. Realizing the financial potential of these consultations, he accepted a deal from his partners to buy out his share of the practice and he walked away from clinical dentistry at age 56. For the past 13 years he has poured all of his energy into making his consulting business the most successful of its kind in the industry. It’s very typical of Mayer’s clients to increase their bottom line by over 30% in the first 12 months of working together.

What has made Mayer (and his clients) so successful is that, unlike some of the national consulting programs, there is no “one-size-fits-all” cookie cutter approach. His uniquely personal touch makes all the difference. He really takes the time to learn the nuances of each practice — the strengths, weaknesses, where stagnation has set in — and then develops strategies and techniques designed to help those practices thrive. He uses the same methods that made his own practice so successful and individualizes them for each practice, including detailed formulas and worksheets designed to illustrate projected ”growth” on a month-to-month basis. Through scheduled monthly office visits and follow-up phone calls, Mayer tracks each practice as they move onward and upward toward financial heights never before imagined.

Over the past 13 years, Mayer has worked with more than 500 dental practices and, through word of mouth, his consulting business continues to boom. During 2009 he worked with 32 different practices of which 29 reported significant profit increases over the previous year. When you consider the horrific state of the economy, that success rate is indeed impressive! Even with all of this achievement, Dr. Levitt remains relatively unknown outside of New England. You see, Mayer never really wanted to be a national consultant, nor was he interested in spending nights in deserted airports and lonely hotel rooms. Maybe you don’t either, but yet still have an interest in passing on your knowledge to other dentists seeking ways to grow their practices.

Mayer is totally convinced that his “boutique” regional consulting business can be duplicated anywhere in the country. And so are we. Three years ago he began seeking out very successful dentists in various regions of the US who wished to transition into this fun and hugely profitable second career. As of now, Mayer has trained eight dentists to be consultants in their geographic area. These regions are Texas, Georgia, Las Vegas/San Diego, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, Missouri, and Michigan. Currently, a dentist from Southern California and one from Nebraska are being considered.

With Mayer’s continuous full hands-on support, each dentist who has completed the program is either in the process of, or has already set up their consulting businesses in their respective regions. No doubt there will be more impressive success stories!

His business is growing rapidly, and since he only works with one dentist per region, this is an opportunity you might want to consider taking advantage of right now. Candidates would be successful dentists who may be toward the end of their clinical career (3 to 5 years) and are ready to try something new, incredibly rewarding, and a lot of fun. Mayer’s approach would allow a dentist to continue practicing – perhaps reduce hours a bit – and develop the consulting business gradually.

But before you go selling your handpieces and articulators on eBay, there are a few things you should know. Between his consulting business, his golf game and his family, Dr. Levitt is a very busy guy. If you are interested in this idea — and have been SUCCESSFUL (that is the operative word) in your own practice, he would love to speak with you. But quite honestly, Mayer would prefer not messing around with individuals who aren’t completely committed to the exploration of this new path. This is a real business opportunity, so unless you are truly interested in becoming a consultant who helps dental offices thrive, please don’t pursue this.

Also, Mayer is going to be extremely selective regarding who gets this information. As you can imagine, his reputation is at stake. If you presently have or have had a very successful practice and you want to do something outside of clinical dentistry, you are probably someone who should speak with Mayer. If you have floundered around and just never really achieved much success in dentistry, this is probably not for you!

If you get to speak to Mayer and everything “feels right” between the two of you, he will invite you for a visit to spend three days in Providence, Rhode Island where you can observe him in action as he works with his own dental practice clients. By visiting with Mayer, you and he should certainly be able to determine whether or not this is for you. Once you see this man (and the overwhelmingly gracious response from his clients), you’ll understand why he’s the best at what he does.

If you are interested in taking the next step, please feel free to contact Mayer directly by either calling him at 401-421-3615 or just send an e-mail to

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to make a very nice living in dentistry but not necessarily as a wet fingered dentist, this could truly be your golden opportunity.

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