These People Love Dentists…

love dentists

These People Love Dentists…

“Don’t take it personally, but I hate the dentist…”

Geez, how many times have we heard this lame-ass phrase from a patient? Kinda makes you want to way “Well that’s okay, because I hate real estate agents” (or whatever their profession happens to be). But don’t fret – because I’m going to tell you about some people who absolutely LOVE dentists!


Yes, commercial landlords who lease space for dental offices love us! One reason is that dentists are extremely low risk. We tend to pay our rent, and pay it on time. But there is another big reason they love us. Dentists are notorious for being wimps when it comes to signing on the line to rent office space without questioning anything.

Remember, landlords start with their WORST offer and there is always plenty of wiggle room. If you use a professional lease negotiator you could save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars over time!


Yes, bankers love us for the same reason landlords do – we have incredibly great track records for paying off our loans. But they also love us because they know dentists love to do things like open up a “satellite office” (huge mistake for most people), redecorate with no budget in mind, build a “Taj Mahal” office, and lots of other things that require a bank note and usually don’t eliminate the problems we are intending to solve.

Dental equipment salespeople

I remember walking the floor at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting a few years ago with a non-dental friend. He just looked at me and said,

“Man – in my next life I want to be someone who sells sh*t to dentists!”

So much expensive dental equipment and gadgetry is sold under the promise that it will increase your production and / or bring in more new patients. But the thing is, most of the things that will increase your production and bring in new patients don’t involve any fancy equipment and don’t cost a dime!

Luxury car salesmen

Wow – nothing will make you feel like a successful dentist more than pulling up to your office in a brand new Mercedes Benz! For some reason dentists think that we have “earned” the right to look and act like the public’s perception of a dentist, whether we can afford to or not. And of course the car dealer will gladly finance anyone with a DDS or DMD after their names. (Seven year plan anyone?)

Nothing wrong with expensive cars of course – IF you can afford them and have your financial plan intact and funded. And while driving a Porsche can make you “look” rich, it can also make you poor!

Well, there are plenty more people who love dentists, but those are four good ones.

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