Do You Have ANY of These Thoughts?

If you are constantly thinking, this can be a wonderful thing. But it can be a dangerous thing as well. Do you have ANY of the following thoughts? Because if you do, they could be destroying you as well as your practice. Please be totally honest!

1. I don’t need to learn any new procedures right now, I am doing just fine.

2. I don’t need to put any effort into making my team better.

3. Our communication skills are good enough.

4, The office website seems to be alright. Let’s not update it.

5. There is nothing I can learn from the financial statement my accountant sends to me.

6. There are no good courses out there right now so I’ll sit on the sidelines until something comes along.

7. Just riding my time out until I can retire from this practice.

8. Social Media??? What a waste of time that would be!

9. My lab has been stressing me out but I am sure they’ll get better.

10. I am not making money from some of the insurance plans I participate with but I am afraid to drop them.

11. I wonder why my accounts receivable are so high right now.

12. As soon as this recession is over, things will be much better.

WARNING: Doctor, if you have even ONE of these thoughts, it is time for you to sit down and do some type of a re-evaluation. We are here for you 24/7 if you have any questions!

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