They walked out after fifteen seconds! Listen to your instincts.

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Listen To Your Instincts

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Sometimes the best lessons and ideas come from the most unlikely places!

Many years ago (it was 1994 to be exact) we attended a non-dental marketing seminar in Las Vegas called “The Ted Thomas Super Marketing Conference!”

It was a fantastic two-day show that totally lived up to the hype. Many superstars from the marketing world were speaking there – Gary Halbert, Ted Nicholas, The Antin Brothers, and many more legends! Not only did we get to hear them speak, we got to hang out with them (at the bar and elsewhere, of course!) and they were all so gracious in brainstorming, critiquing, and answering our questions.

It also happened that during that time the legendary and controversial comedian George Carlin was doing a show in Vegas. Of course we got tickets, and were seated right up front!

Well, the show starts, and George casually struts to the stage, grabs the microphone, and uttered an opening line that was SO offensive (and hilarious) that half the crowd sat there in total shock, and many actually got up and walked out fifteen seconds into the show!

But here’s the lesson. What the heck did they expect?? This is Las Vegas, and they are seeing the edgiest comedian of his time, one who is known for a routine called “Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television!” A few years prior, he actually got blackballed from Vegas for his routines. So again – what the heck were they expecting? Everyone knows that if you are prudish you should not go to a George Carlin show!

Here in Baltimore, there is a group of people who live in a neighborhood near the airport, suing the Maryland Transportation Authority because the planes are too loud. HEY! YOU MOVED NEAR THE AIRPORT!! WHAT DID YOU EXPECT!!

So what’s the lesson? We frequently meet with dentists who got themselves into huge messes they should have seen coming from ten miles away!

Listen to your instincts! For example – if you are interviewing someone to work in your office, and they have had five jobs in five years, and every dentist was a jerk – what makes you think you will not be jerk number six?

If a patient comes in with a gallon Ziploc bag filled with dentures that didn’t fit (and of course they don’t want implants) why would you ever think you could please this patient?

And didn’t you know that a certain PPO would suck before you signed up for it and now have 40% of your practice from it?

When the neighborhood of your practice started going downhill ten years ago, did you think it would have a miraculous recovery?

Seriously, we hear stuff like this practically every day!! So don’t buy a house near the airport and then complain about the planes. Don’t go see George Carlin (or these days, Dave Chapelle) and be expecting a G-rated show. And in your dental practice, when you see something coming from ten miles away – listen to your instincts!!

Oh – and back to that Super Marketing seminar for a second. It was an amazing two days of non-stop learning and fun. At the time there was absolutely nothing else like it, and it is one of the things that gave us the inspiration for TBSE!

Twenty-four years later, that marketing conference is no more and TBSE is still the number one seminar in dentistry for practice growth, learning, team-building, and FUN!! Check it out (and get to preview the speaker lineup) by clicking here!!

Or for even more fun, click our brand new “postcard” below!!

See you in Vegas,

The Madow Brothers

P.S. If you have any questions, always feel free to call us at 1-800-258-0060.

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