This Is NOT A Dental IQ Test!

This Is NOT A Dental IQ Test!

One of the craziest things that dentists say is “my patients have a low dental IQ!” On today’s episode of The Madow Dental Podcast, we will find out why that phrase is not only ridiculous, but downright dangerous! Along those lines, Dr. Rich shares one of the big mistakes he made early on in his dental career. And then we go to our secret shopper calls. But this week something REALLY crazy happens!! Did someone actually schedule the patient? Well, there’s a lot more to it than that, so you gotta listen!!

Highlights from “This Is NOT A Dental IQ Test!”

0:18 – Dr. Richard Madow opens the “Madow Dental Podcast” and welcomes all.  Today Rich will talk about a BIG mistake that many dentists make.  He tells a story about his practice and what mistake he made.  Starting 2022 year off with making some new changes.

1:42 – One of the new things for the new year is to stop getting ripped off from your credit card charges.  You should use STAX by FATT Merchant.  Very low monthly fee by checking out madow.com/save now!

2:30 – If you are new listener and not sure much about the Madow Center, then check out madow.com – They are dental coaches and have been doing this for over 30 years.  Dr. Richard Madow is an actual dentist and would be happy to have a chat:  madow.com/chat

3:45 – Dr. Rich now talks about some things that dentists do, size people up.  How does that affect the way we deal with them? How does it affect the way we treat them?  Check out this story that Rich shares about his practice.

13:40 – Rich shares the moral of this story and how you can apply this in your dental office.

15:00 – Check out these secret shopper calls with a big surprise.  Check them out and see if Rich gets scheduled on their books.

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