This is not a party!

The Brothers are on the road again. This time it’s the Illionois State Dental Society. Oh yeah are we going to WOW them. Our seminars are “performances,” unlike anything else in dentistry. As a matter of fact we were in Ocean City, MD last week speaking at The MD State Dental Association. We do some things at the very beginning of our show that are pretty outrageous, and this time something REALLY crazy happened. A “monitor” in charge of the session next to ours came running over to our room where we had just started and at the top of her lungs yelled…

“This is not a disco. This is not a bar. THIS IS DENTISTRY!
Now turn this sh _ t  down or I am going to pull the plug on you immediately.”

Do you know what happened? We totally ignored her and she walked away with her “tail between her legs.” But not before she gave us some real scowling looks. Then our audience got the best dental show they have ever experienced in their lives!

If you have never seen “The Brothers” in action, you gotta make it a point to do so. Our “show” is totally new and updated! Go to and take a look at our schedule. If we are not coming to your area, make sure YOU figure out a way to bring us. We speak to study clubs (large ones), associations, conferences, societies and institutions! The larger the crowd the better. Our goal is to do a stadium show. So if you or someone you know is looking for THE BEST SPEAKERS IN DENTISTRY, it’s time to book The Madows. And the first five groups to call and book us get $3.95 off our honorarium! Be sure to mention the secret word “MADOW!”

Our phone number is 1-888-88-MADOW. Call us right now and we’ll “pencil” your group in! Let’s do it! Oh, and happy 5772.

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