This Is So Random!

It seems like there is a holiday for everything these days and today is no exception. Whether you knew it or not, today is “Random Act of Kindness Day.”  So we thought it would be a great idea for the dental community as a whole to jump on this bandwagon. You can’t go wrong when it comes to making someone else feel better by being kind.

Start with your patients. Do the unexpected. Is there someone coming in today that has been struggling to make payments on their bill? They are super nice, but things aren’t that easy for them? Why not write off the balance? Can you imagine the look on your patient’s face?

What about your awesome team? Maybe order in lunch or have a rose delivered to each team member as a special token of appreciation. Have you had a good month? How about giving out $50.00 bills with the stipulation that it must be spent on themselves! Pedicure gift certificates are always a great idea, too! Be creative and make them smile!

Of course there is your family. What can you do to make them feel special today? Give them a night off and take them all out to dinner? Suggest a family game night? Surprise them!

Lastly, a random act of kindness day wouldn’t be complete without helping out a complete stranger. Pay for the person’s toll behind you or another person’s coffee at the coffee shop. Maybe tip your waitress more than she expects. Compliment someone on their outfit or hairstyle and make their day! Smile at everyone you meet.

Ronald Reagan instituted this holiday while he was in office some 30 years ago. Kindness can go a long way and it always make both parties feel great! Go ahead and make someone’s day today and share a kind word or deed. Have a wonderful weekend!

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