On November 11th and 12th
thousands of dentists and team members from across the globe
will converge on Las Vegas for
“The Best Seminar Ever!”

They will leave with the greatest practice growing, income-producing, and team building information ever assembled in one place, given by the best dental speakers on the planet! AND THEY WILL HAVE FUN!!

Here is your chance to attend TBSE 2016 at The Rio All-Suite Resort Hotel in Las Vegas with a huge tuition discount for doctors and team members!

Dear friend and subscriber,

Are you ready to revitalize your practice, pump up your team, learn more in two days than you ever thought possible, have the time of your life…

and significantly increase your bottom line?

The Best Seminar Ever is back in Las Vegas, and whether you are a TBSE veteran or a first-timer, 2016 is the year to join in!!

What’s different about TBSE? Everything!!

  • TBSE has the best blend of speakers in dentistry and beyond to help grow your practice and enhance your life!
  • At TBSE you don’t have to pick and choose – you get to see every single session! The entertainment and fun are over the top – there is nothing else like it in dentistry! It’s a dental rock concert!!
  • TBSE is all about doctors and team members – and that’s the best way to build your practice!
  • TBSE combines learning and fun so the enthusiasm and motivation stick once you get home!
  • You won’t get lost in a cavernous exhibit hall – all exhibitors are hand-picked by invitation only with services to truly grow your practice!
  • Your hosts, The Madow Brothers, make sure that every attendee has the time of their lives!
  • Did we mention that TBSE is at the fabulous Rio All-Suite Resort Hotel in Las Vegas?????

At TBSE 2016 you will learn things you won’t see at any other seminar. And when you leave, you’ll be pumped full of the right knowledge and tools to renew your enthusiasm for dentistry and have the best and most successful practice ever!! (You’ll also be exhausted from two straight days of top-notch learning!)

Are you ready to grow your practice, reward the team, and have the time of your life?

Please keep reading to see how you can attend TBSE 2016 at a fantastic discounted rate

“We always take home numerous pearls about life and dentistry. Don’t complain about being burnt out and bored – go to TBSE where the cool people hang out! At TBSE they keep the party of knowledge going!”

Dr. Emily Letran, Monrovia, California

TBSE 2016 takes place at the beautiful Rio All-Suite Resort Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 11th and 12th, 2016. And now for the first time, we are ready to announce the speaker lineup for what will surely be an amazing event!

Appearing at TBSE 2016…

As you know, at TBSE we search not just the US, not just North America, but also the entire world to find the best, most cutting edge dental educators and motivators, often for their first engagement in the United States. That’s why we are totally excited to announce… in his first major US seminar appearance….all the way from Manchester, England….

Ashley Latter

Ashley Latter –
“Perfect Communication and Treatment Plan Acceptance!!”

Think we have it bad in the US with cheapskate insurance companies, government regulations and patients who “only want what my insurance covers?” In England they have something called the “National Health Service” – and it makes our problems look like kid stuff!

That’s right – every citizen of the UK, no matter how wealthy or well-employed, is guaranteed to get dental services for extremely low fees – fees like:

$26.00 for an exam, x-rays, prophy, fluoride and sealants, or $312.00 for a crown! According to a recent article,

“For many treatments, the rate of pay is below the cost of providing the treatment to a modern standard, and as a result, many dentists will refer patients for any unprofitable services.”

Until recently UK dentists felt helpless and resigned – until Ashley Latter came along!

As you know – only TBSE goes to such great lengths to bring the most innovative and influential dental teachers from across the globe to Las Vegas, and we are totally psyched to be the first major meeting in North America to have Ashley Latter on the stage!!

You see, Ashley wasn’t always in dentistry. He was a top UK business trainer when in 1997 two British dentists, totally frustrated with the National Health Service, decided to take his training – forever altering all three lives! Now, many years and 9500 dentists later, Mr. Latter’s “Ethical Sales and Communication” course is the most sought-out dental program in Europe – and in 2014 he was voted one of the most influential people in UK dentistry!

So just what will you learn from Ashley Latter’s “Perfect Communication and Treatment Plan Acceptance?” Things like:

  • The one skill to get patients to instantly like you and immediately build rapport!
  • Understanding language that excites patients and causes them to take action!
  • Learn the skills to ethically increase treatment plan acceptance without sounding like a used car salesman!
  • Overcome the five biggest communication mistakes dentists and team members make every day!
  • The eight steps to a perfect consultation!
  • The cure for “I want to think about it!”
  • And much much more!

Of course, after he leaves the stage Ashley will be sticking around for a meet and greet – and you surely don’t want to miss that!!

People have traveled from all over the world to Manchester, England to attend Ashley’s courses, but at TBSE we bring him right to you!!

So what’s it gonna be? Go to your boring local meeting with the same old recycled speakers, or come to TBSE and see the one and only, direct from England, Ashley Latter??

Linda Edgecombe

Linda Edgecombe –
“Shift Happens!”

Ready to re-focus, re-energize, and re-invent how you see your profession and your life? Having trouble with the work-life balance thing? Want to find out what you really want out of life and how to stop getting in the way of more and more success? Are you ready for a positive shift??

Hall of Fame speaker Linda Edgecombe is all about that and more. Her tips on how to build a creative, focused and engaged team will change your practice, and when she shares with you something unique and incredibly special that she does, it will change the way you look at life!

TBSE always starts with a bang, and 2016 will be no exception! Don’t miss Linda Edgecombe’s first appearance on the TBSE stage in Las Vegas!!

“TBSE is the most exciting, entertaining and informative event in dentistry! The mix of clinical, management and motivational topics is always well thought-out and seamlessly blended together. It really is The Best Seminar Ever!”

Dr. Mike Goldstein, Atlanta, GA

Dr Marty Zase

Dr. Marty Zase –
“ZERO Sensitivity Whitening!”

We all know that patients who have whitening performed not only go on to receive more complex cosmetic treatment, they also love to flash their bright white smile at everyone and become “practice ambassadors!” That’s why we are so excited to bring Dr. Marty Zase to the TBSE stage!

Winner of the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Marty Zase is one of the world’s leading experts on dental esthetics. He has developed an amazing protocol for whitening – one that causes absolutely no sensitivity! It involves the entire team, so everyone will want to hear this!

So if you are ready to up your whitening game, make your patients happy, produce more, and get some extra referrals while you are at it, you can’t miss the one and only Dr. Marty Zase at TBSE 2016!!

Let’s keep it going! We would risk having a riot if we didn’t bring this next speaker back! For the fifth straight year, and on the verge of setting a TBSE record as our most requested speaker…

Kirk Behrendt

Kirk Behrendt –
“Black Belt Phone Tips to Fill Your Schedule Now!”

The person who answers your phone doesn’t represent your practice…. for new patients they ARE the entire practice! And if your dental team “front line” isn’t expertly trained, it can spell disaster! Fixing how your phones are answered is the best way to improve any dental practice – and that’s why we are excited to bring ACT Dental founder and CEO Kirk Behrendt back to the TBSE stage! In this incredibly valuable and high energy lecture Kirk will show how the best dental team members in the country use this awesome tool called the “telephone” to thrive in the current economy.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn:

  • On average, dental practices book only 34% of their new callers. See how the highest producing offices do it differently, and how you can do it too!
  • See the new and amazing data on when most patients call and why – and how you can use that to book more appointments!
  • Learn the PROVEN top 10 phrases you need to say every day to book more patients and create more value during the call.
  • Understand the “magic secret” big companies use to get customers to call them back and how you can use it too to reactivate patients.
  • Learn the elegant answers to the hardest questions you get all day, like “Do you take my insurance?” or “How much are your crowns?”
  • Learn the simple phrase that can double your new patient numbers in less than a few months. No one uses this one – but now you can!
  • Give your team the skills to truly be a BLACK BELT when people call your practice!
  • And much, much more!

There is a reason why Kirk gets a standing ovation every year at TBSE – he teaches, he entertains, he motivates, and he gets practices to take action! For 2016 he is ready to hit the stage with all new material – and you gotta be there!!

“TBSE is the finest seminar for team-building, motivation and training. In dentistry success is all about the synergy of the team, and TBSE truly has all of the elements!”

Dr. Lori Cockley, East Berlin, PA

Dr Uche Odiatu

From Toronto, Canada…

Dr. Uche Odiatu –
“The Naked Lunch!”

Practicing dentist, lifelong athlete, certified trainer, coach, and best–selling author, Dr. Uche has inspired thousands of people across the globe with his insights, humor, and energy. As a busy practitioner, Uche knows that the typical dentist and team member do not have time to plan meals, chop vegetables all day, slave in the kitchen, and then turn around and do it again tomorrow.

In “The Naked Lunch” Dr. Odiatu will share his simple formula for eating healthy (even on the run!) to keep you energized and functioning at your peak! Remember – your best investment is in you, but only if you can make it work! It’s time to get rid of the afternoon “blahs” and reclaim your energy! Whether you are a fitness buff or a couch potato, you can learn the easy secrets of healthy eating and fitness with our favorite fit dentist, Dr. Uche Odiatu!

Max Major

Max Major –
“Tricks of The Trade – Mental AND Dental!”

Be prepared to have your mind blown, and learn more about patient psychology than you ever knew existed! Max Major is a mentalist whose work combines magic, hypnosis, and “mind reading.”

And yes – he’ll be doing that and amazing you at TBSE. But he will also be doing something for the TBSE crowd that he has rarely done before – Max will show you incredible techniques anyone can do to become a “Dentalist” – and use simple mentalism skills to positively influence your patients!

He’ll be showing you:

  • How to read your patient’s body language to know what they are thinking!
  • An easy way to get anyone to instantly like you and feel comfortable around you – it takes five seconds!
  • How to truly understand your patient’s concerns and fears before they say a word!
  • Why the “tools of influence” are so much better than “presenting treatment!”

Back by popular request – “Dental Breakthrough!”

Dental Breakthrough Logo

Dental Breakthrough is like the “Shark Tank” of dentistry, and it was such a big hit last year that we’re doing it again! We’ll be showcasing three carefully selected brand new products that you probably have never seen before with the opportunity for attendees to ask the inventors questions! This is the best way possible to be on the leading edge of ways to grow your practice! Ready to learn about some cutting edge products and techniques that will boost your bottom line and make your life easier? Then don’t miss Dental Breakthrough. It’s only at TBSE!

Laney Kay

Laney Kay –
“Blood, Spit and Fears!”

It’s important to keep up with the latest HIPPA and OSHA information; in some states it ‘s even required. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a boring snoozefest. Laney Kay’s “Entertaining Training” is not just full of useful information – it’s funny! And we’re not talking a chuckle or two – we’re talking pee-in-your-pants hilarious! There aren’t too many places you can get your OSHA update and enjoy every second of it. But then again – that’s why TBSE is The Best Seminar Ever! Don’t miss Laney Kay!!

Wow – that is the most incredible lineup of fun, inspiring, and practice-building speakers you will find at any dental meeting anywhere on the planet! And to cap it all off – what would TBSE be without an amazing ending to get you ready to achieve your best practice AND life ever? That’s why we are so proud to announce… appearing at TBSE 2016 will be:

Dr Natalie Stavas

Dr. Natalie Stavas –
“Running Towards Chaos”

On April 15, 2013, award winning pediatrician Dr. Natalie Stavas was a few meters away from finishing the Boston Marathon (on a fractured foot no less!) when she heard a loud explosion – the sound we now know was one of the worst homegrown acts of terrorism Americans have ever experienced. And in a split second that would change her life and the lives of others, Dr. Stavas decided to run towards the chaos.

Her life story was an amazing one even before that moment, and now she’s being called “An American Hero” and “Bostonian of the Year.” She’s been featured on national magazine covers (including Sports Illustrated!), been interviewed by Anderson Cooper, appeared in People Magazine, the LA Times, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, CNN, CBC, BBC, Fox News and been honored by President Barack Obama. And the lessons she learned both leading up to that moment and after have made her one of the best and most in-demand speakers in the world!

So are you ready to:

  • Turn apprehension into action?
  • Find opportunity in the unknown?
  • See the meaning in the most hectic situations?
  • Learn how to get rid of your mental paralysis?
  • Incorporate selflessness into your everyday life?
  • Benefit you and the world around you by “running into the chaos?”

Then you absolutely cannot miss Dr. Natalie Stavas at her first major dental seminar appearance. Of course, it’s only at TBSE 2016!

So what are you waiting for? TBSE 2016 and the incredible Rio All-Suites Resort Hotel are generating an incredible amount of buzz and we are fully expecting a sellout.

Best of all, as a TBSE attendee you can stay at this world-class hotel
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And how about TBSE’s location, the number one meeting spot in the world – Las Vegas, Nevada?

The shows, the shopping, the incredible dining, the night-life hotspot of the universe – there’s a reason every celebrity chef and shopping destination has an outpost there. It’s where normal people mix with the rich and famous, sophisticated dining meets “In N Out Burger,” luxurious shopping, fun gifts and a “party all night” atmosphere all collide. In short – it’s the perfect location for TBSE!

And of course you get all the usual TBSE goodies! The big party on Friday will feature something we’ve never done before! First class, hand-picked exhibitors. “Show Us Your TBSE!” Costumes! The crazy entertainment of The Madow Brothers! More prizes! More fun. And of course…

The most ways to ramp up your practice,
motivate your team, and increase your income!

TBSE is back in Vegas and all bases will be covered! You know you want to be there – so sign up now and get your discount before it goes away forever!

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TBSE 2016 will be the event that cannot be missed!

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Please keep this in mind. You’re surely planning to do some type of continuing education this year. TBSE 2016 will be your sure bet! Even if you are uncertain, or were not necessarily planning anything yet, this will be the most important dental event of the year — you and your team need to be there with the best practices in North America!

This special price is only good for a limited time! So please take a few minutes right now to figure out how many from your office will attend TBSE 2016. At these prices, you should certainly bring the entire team! Once you do, just go to www.tbse.com to sign up! You will receive a confirmation from us shortly thereafter. We will also keep in close touch so you will be the first to find out all of the details as they are announced!

Sign up now for TBSE 2016 in Las Vegas – the dental experience that will last a lifetime!

See you in November!

The Madow Brothers signed

P.S. Still not sure about TBSE? Please read what a first timer just said about her experience at TBSE:

“I am not sure I can put into words my thoughts of TBSE! I was a first timer and did not know much about The Madow Brothers or TBSE. I never have cried, laughed or felt so much warmth in my heart ever! Especially at a dental seminar! I really think this seminar will be life changing and hopefully open the doors and windows to my heart and soul!”

Dr. Katie Lazard

Or how about this email that we received the day after TBSE ended:

“I can truly say that I have never been as motivated or as energized by anything I have seen or done within dentistry as I was by TBSE. I learned more about practicing, but also about myself and my potential that I have ever dreamed possible. Your speakers were funny, motivating, informative, and at times very moving. I intend to use everything I have learned to better every aspect of my life. Thanks again for such a terrific event!”

David N. Grayson, DDS, Parsippany, NJ

P.S. #2. If this letter, the special pricing, and the testimonials don’t convince you that you need to be at TBSE 2016, then we don’t know what will. Please fill out the special registration and fax it in to 1-410-526-5186, mail it to TBSE 2016, 216 Business Center Drive, Reisterstown, MD 21136, or call toll-free in the US at 1-800-258-0060, or on our international number at 1-410-526-4780, or go online at www.tbse.com. See you in November!

P.S. #3. Not tempted enough? Well, here you go. At TBSE 2016 you not only get two days of the most practice-growing, motivating, team-building, best education in dentistry and more – WE WILL ACTUALLY GUARANTEE THAT IT WILL INCREASE YOUR INCOME!! As a matter of fact – we will give you our never heard of…

“10 X guarantee!”

Here’s the deal – attend TBSE 2016 and use everything you learned for an entire year. If your practice collections do not increase by TEN TIMES what you paid for your tuition, we will refund ALL of your money PLUS up to five hundred dollars to help cover your travel and hotel!!

No other seminar in the world can offer this because there is nothing like TBSE!

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