This Might Be Fun…

One of the major gripes we get when consulting one-on-one with dental practices is simply:

“There is poor communication between the front and the back…” or a business team member saying “If only the dental assistants would understand and appreciate my job more…” and vice versa.

Yes – sometimes there is a dichotomy between the clinical and business teams, and that is never good. Much of this could be alleviated if the members of the team simply understood and appreciated each other’s jobs. It’s even better if they express that appreciation.

So let’s have the team members who are reading this do an experiment today. Go up to someone on “the other side” and simply say –

“I just want to let you know that I really appreciate what you do for the office. We certainly couldn’t run this place without you.”

It sounds corny – but just try it! After you pick then up off the floor, control their laughter, and possibly dry their tears, you will find yourself taking a huge step towards having a better practice and enjoying your job more.

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