This Page Intentionally Left Blank…

Dentists Contraditions

Have you ever seen a legal document with a page that says “This page intentionally left blank?” I have and it always cracks me up! Why?

Besides being very goofy looking, it is a total contradiction. If the page says “This page intentionally left blank” on it, it’s no longer blank! Kind of like posting a sign that reads “NO SIGNS ALLOWED!”

Contradictions can be funny, but not when they are happening in your dental practice.

So think about it. What contradictions do YOU have in YOUR practice? Are you:

  • Promoting optimum dental health but influencing patients to be insurance driven?
  • Expecting referrals but not providing an outstanding patient experience?
  • Experiencing last-minute cancellations but telling patients that it is okay to cancel if they give 48 hours notice?
  • Desiring a first-rate team but being a crappy leader?
  • Wanting a schedule that runs smoothly but showing up at the same time the first patient is scheduled without a morning huddle?
  • Complaining about write-offs but tolerating lousy PPOs because you think you can’t live without them?
  • Burnt out from dentistry but not taking the steps to develop a happy and positive atmosphere in your office?

And yes, the list goes on. So if your internal page is left blank, stop being intentional about it! Review the contradictions that are costing you revenue, happiness, and the ability to provide excellent treatment……and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! 

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