This Will Take You Thirty Days!

Do you know about the experiment that NASA conducted many years ago? Eyeglasses were constructed with a special convex lens that when worn, would appear to turn everything upside down. As a test, astronauts in training were made to wear these glasses 24 hours a day (yes, even while sleeping). Scientists paid very careful attention to what happened to their subjects wearing the glasses. It was noted among other things that stress levels were elevated and so was blood pressure, as the glasses obviously made it very difficult to function.

But then a strange thing happened. 26 days into the test, one of the subjects suddenly began to see everything right side up again. That’s correct, his brain adapted to the weird glasses and everything became ok. His vital signs quickly improved as well. And by day 30, every single one of the test subjects had adapted. It’s as if their brains were “rewired!”

Something else very interesting was noted. If any of the subjects removed the glasses for even a short period of time, the neural adaptation would not occur. In other words, it took 30 days of consistent reconditioning to see change. There were no shortcuts and stopping for a little biit set the clock back to zero.

What does this mean for your dental practice and your life?

Change doesn’t happen overnight but it will happen if you ask for it. When you come up with a new way you would like to do something, immerse yourself in it and don’t give up after a short time like so many dentists do.

Here’s something to try. Come up with a fantastic answer to one of the most common questions you are asked in your office. It may be something like “Why don’t you accept my insurance.” The way you answer this question could easily mean the difference between a patient staying in your practice or going down the street. So you want to make sure you do it right.

Once you have formulated the answer, practice the response EVERY SINGLE DAY as a team at the morning huddle. Ask the team to practice on their own on the weekends as well. After thirty days the response should be “hard-wired” into everyone’s brains! That means you will all be able to say it perfectly without even thinking. Then it’s time to come up with the next common question and so on.

Please remember, it takes no less than 30 days to form a new habit or a new way to do something. With this new way of thinking you are on to a much better dental practice. Try it, you’ll like it!

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