Three “A’s” To A Successful Practice

Want to have a successful practice? You’ve got to know the “Three A’s!”

A short time ago we were doing a full day “Love Dentistry” seminar for a great group of dentists and team members in Oklahoma City, OK.

During the lunch break, a really nice doctor came up to us and said,

“I’m really enjoying the seminar, but are you going to talk about the ‘Three A’s?’ ”

Well why the heck would we want to talk about an automobile club?

He went on to explain that he bought a practice from am older dentist who was about to retire. This doctor had an excellent reputation in the community and an extremely successful practice, which he attributed to the “Three A’s.” So what are these magical “Three A’s?”

1. Availability

If you don’t make yourself available, no one can come to your practice!! Do you have people-friendly hours?

Most importantly, is your phone being answered during all business hours (no voice-mails EVER!!) and is it being answered properly so that every single potential new patient is being put on the schedule?

Every time the phone rings with a prospective new patient, no matter how crazy or stupid their questions may be, if an appointment is not made $10,000 goes down the drain!!

2. Affability

Simply put, if people don’t like you, they won’t do business with you and they certainly won’t refer.

While it might be easy to get sick of yet another insurance claim, another mouth to prophy, another crown to prep, and another spit pool to suction – please remember that we are treating people and not conditions or forms. Every single patient deserves your attention, trust and caring. They need to feel comfortable in your practice and respect what you are doing for them.

If you make them feel like a number or an idiot, they won’t come back.

3. Ability

If you don’t have the ability to get the job done well every time, everything else falls apart. This goes without saying. But it is arguably the least important of the “Three A’s!”

Remember – no one ever asks to see your dental diploma, hygiene license, or CDA certificate. But if they never make it into your front door or just plain don’t like you, you’re up the creek!!!

So how about you? Are you putting the “Three A’s” to work in your practice??

If you need help with the first “A” – getting more patients through your front door, you gotta check out our famous “Profitable Scheduling” system. It’s in its third pressing for a reason – thousands of practices across the country have doubled their new patient numbers (or more!) with just two hours of training.

To grab your copy – give us a call at 1-888-88-MADOW.

We can help you!!

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