Three Brand New Practice Building Ideas!

Are you disappointed with the same old tired, recycled practice management junk you have been reading about from the same old so-called “experts,” many of whom have never experienced what it is like to actually have run a dental practice?

Isn’t it time to say NO to the outdated, insulting crapola you are being fed that supposedly will “help” your dental practice? It isn’t working. That’s why you have not seen the improvements that you have been promised.

This evening, Dr. Richard Madow and Dr. David Madow (simply known these days as “The Madow Brothers) will be changing all of that. They too are sick and tired of it all. They have been teaching success to dentists and team members for over twenty years now.

The Madows invite you to a very short and to the point teleconference where they will be teaching you three NEW practice building ideas that will cost you absolutely nothing and that you can put into place literally the following morning. If you are really ambitious, you can put them into place right after the teleconference!

The Madows will speak for only 30 minutes so this will fit easily into your schedule. After the thirty minutes, they may decide to take live questions concerning the three new ideas they are going to teach you.

What are the three practice building ideas? Because of space limitations, we would prefer not to reveal them here. That is the purpose of the teleconference. It will be much more effective to hear the Madows explain these three things live, and answer any questions that you may have. And please understand that you do not need to buy anything or spend any money to be able to do these three things in your office.

Why isn’t anyone else talking about or teaching these three practice building ideas? That is a great question. Join in on the teleconference to find out!

When? Today, Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What time? 8:00PM Eastern Time

How do I join? Simply dial 1-402-237-2015 and enter secret access code 547807# when prompted.

Cost? No charge!

This will be our most attended teleseminar ever! We suggest you call in at least five minutes early to assure your spot. Talk to you this evening!

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