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Three FREE Crowns Through Our Exclusive Dental Lab Partnership!

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Dear Doctor,

How are things with your dental lab? If you’re like most dentists, your answer probably is, “Not too bad, but it could be better!”

Your relationship with your dental lab is probably one of the most important in your practice. 

Remakes, multiple adjustments, esthetic failures, and things that just “don’t fit right” make you look bad!! Maybe you want to try another lab, but you don’t know where to turn. Or maybe you figure that a “known quantity,” even a mediocre one, isn’t as bad as risking things with a new lab. 

Well, here is the good news: The Madow Center for Dental Practice Success has teamed up with Maverick Dental Lab to offer you not only the best quality that you could ever ask for, but the best customer service AND fantastic pricing! Plus – we’ve arranged an amazing risk-free offer that you won’t get from any other lab!

We spent years of research and literally searched the country to find the right dental lab partnership. And in our many years with Maverick Lab, the response has been nothing short of spectacular. 

We know you will love Maverick Lab, and in order to PROVE it to you,
we’d like to give you your first three crowns for FREE!


Think about what the most important aspects of your dental lab are.

Good quality workmanship and materials.

It all starts with skilled lab technicians and the best materials – and Maverick Lab has both of these.  With Maverick, you won’t be stressed when you have your patient in for an insert appointment. You will know with a very high level of confidence that the case will not only fit well, it will look great. 

Excellent customer service.

Don’t you hate it when you are treated like a nobody by your dental lab? We sure do! Most labs just don’t have the time to service you properly so they play the churning game (lose some clients but hopefully gain a few as well).

When you deal with Maverick, you are not a number. As a matter of fact, you can deal with the owners directly! That’s right … Joe Fey and Larry Albensi, CDT (two of the nicest and most honest guys around) will get to know you personally because … they actually care!!! You can feel free to call Maverick anytime you need to discuss anything! You will never be alone in the lab world again!

Full service.

Once you find a good lab, you want to stick with them for all of your needs. Nothing is more disappointing than a lab that only does one or two things well and makes you find out the hard way that their other services are mediocre. You won’t have to do that Maverick! They’re truly a full-service dental lab that you can feel confident sending all of your cases to, from single crowns to full-mouth to onlays to removable, and everything in between. 

Technologically advanced.

From the latest in digital technologies to the best imaging systems, Maverick has it all! We recently visited their lab facility in Western Pennsylvania and were totally WOWED! They have invested in some amazing up-to-date technologies yet are committed to “old fashioned customer service.” It’s a combination that can’t be beat. 


Don’t think that to receive great quality and excellent customer service you have to pay through the nose. Maverick Lab is proud to bring you absolute bottom-line pricing and affordable crowns. With Maverick you get quality lab work and extra savings that goes right into your pocket! Decrease your expenses by just 1% and that could be $10,000 directly into your bank account. The more, the better!

Now here’s the great news: sending a case to Maverick Dental Lab is not just simple, it’s absolutely risk-free. We feel so strongly about this dental lab partnership that we are actually going to pay for your first three units! 

That’s right – the first three units that you send to Maverick Dental Lab are on us!


That’s how much we believe in them!  If we were not confident that Maverick was the best lab around, do you think we could do this? You may choose between e.max, BruxZir solid zirconia, or non-precious crowns.

To get started with your first case, simply call Maverick at 1-866-294-7444 and let them know The Madow Center sent you for three free crowns! It’s simple to get set up, and your three free crowns will be on their way! Then you decide if Maverick Lab is right for you. As a friend of the Madow Brothers, they will REALLY take good care of you! Call right now! Or just fill out this simple request form. All you need to get started is to tell us where to send your starter kit!

It includes lab boxes, prescription forms, a fantastic gift, and best of all, your coupon for three free crowns!! Don’t wait! Get the highest quality lab work, fantastic customer service, and start saving today!!


Don’t wait!!

Dr. Richard Madow
Dr. David Madow

The Madow Center For Dental Practice Success

P.S. What do you think any other lab would say if you called and asked for three free crowns? They would either hang up on you or tell you where to put it!! But not with Maverick! They know they are the best and want to prove it to you risk-free!!