Three (Not So Simple) Life Hacks To Do Now.

Life hacks

Do you read self-help / motivational books? I do. Heck – I even wrote one!  But I do realize that many of you have trouble finding time to do this during your busy day. With that in mind I am going to give you three life hacks that are guaranteed to change your life if you take action! Okay – here goes!

1. Take small steps to get physically healthy.

I had the unfortunate experience of having jury duty today, and while stuck in the (not so) quiet room, I couldn’t help but look around. The amount of people drinking sodas, diet sodas, Gatorade, etc… was pretty astounding. Needless to say, plenty of people seemed to be overweight too. If you fall into that category, please don’t be hard on yourself, but also realize that you CAN change and that it starts with you.

Your food intake doesn’t have to be radicalized, but you know what’s healthy and what isn’t. Drink only water or beverages such as unsweetened iced tea – things that are totally free from sugars or artificial sweeteners. Do this for a few months and you will really dislike the taste of soda and sweetened tea and coffee.

Food – keep it simple. Sugars, fried foods, and lots of carbs contribute to bad health. You know dis. I know dis. We know dis. And while it’s not ALL about calorie intake, a free app like “Lose It” could be very helpful.

Just as importantly, get outside! Walk, hike, bike…..anyone at any fitness level can do this, and it’s free! Think you don’t have time? If you watch TV news, play video games, overbinge Netflix, etc…. well there you go. Do it with friends and family if you can. Getting outside to walk is one of the healthiest things you can do, both physically and mentally. Go on “All Trails” and find some hikes or parks near you. Over the last two years my wife and I have found some beautiful hikes that we never knew existed; some of them very easy. If there is that much beauty within thirty minutes of downtown Baltimore, it surely exists near you! And when you’re out on a hike, put the damn phone away!!!

2. Remember the old saying “You have two ears and one mouth.” Listen!

Listening with an open mind before you speak, and before you jump to conclusions, is one of the best things you can do to improve your life. And while you’re at it, stop taking things personally. It’s not about you. Don’t make assumptions. Respect opinions you don’t agree with. Politics is such a stressful topic these days, but I got some news for you – you’re not going to change anyone’s mind!

3. Smile a lot and project confidence.

I know this doesn’t come naturally to all of us. I used to be in that boat too, but with lots of practice, it’s all changed. Walk tall. Smile at everyone. Say hello. Be positive, helpful, and put your best foot forward. Not only will this help you, it will help boost those around you. And that’s the best!!! And by the way, “I’m feeling cranky” or “I’m having a sh*tty day” is not allowed.

Okay – three things to do. Are they easy? Maybe not. But they really really really work!

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