Unlock Your Hidden Potential: Ten Secrets To Increase Practice Revenues

Dentists all want to improve their practices in one way or another. That may mean more new patients, or a more cohesive team. Maybe it’s higher treatment plan acceptance, or less stress. Perhaps dropping a PPO or two, or being able to hire an associate. Or maybe the path to improvement means ramping things up to get ready for a practice sale. If you’re like most dentists, it’s probably “some or all of the above!” But here’s the thing. If you don’t know your practice numbers and what they mean, it’s impossible to set goals and measure improvement. Without that, even if you make some changes, you’re just hoping for the best. So please join in to learn things like:
  • The most important way to motivate your team. It’s not a bonus system!
  • Get rid of TMI Syndrome – learn which numbers are REALLY important!
  • What piece of new patient data is WAY more critical than new patients per month!
  • The number one way to get patients to return! (This alone is worth the cost. Oh, wait a minute, there is no cost!)
  • A simple technique to increase the “average value” of every patient!
  • How to tell if your practice is “insurance driven” – and what you can do about it!
  • What does your collection percentage say about your practice? You need to know.
  • Do you have a perio department or a prophy palace? Here’s how to tell!
  • So much more!

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