Use “The Blue Sheet” To Get More Referrals and Better Reviews

blue sheet

Are you using “The Blue Sheet?” 

Nothing says more to a patient than letting them know you truly care about them, that they are a real person (not just a mouth), and that you remember them! 

Many years ago, in the days of paper charts, we used a “Blue Sheet” – a blue index card paper-clipped to the chart where we would keep personal notes about each patient. If something came up in conversation about their hobbies, events, family, job, etc… anything personal, we would jot it down on “The Blue Sheet.” It looked something like this, but with a date next to each note. 
So let’s say you saw Diana Costello this spring for her cleaning. She said that her daughter Alison is expecting in October and how excited everyone is. Then the song “Hey Jude” comes on and she goes on and on about how much she loves The Beatles.

Out comes “The Blue Sheet.” (Obviously these days we do this on the electronic chart in a dedicated area, but it’s still fun to call it “The Blue Sheet!“)

Six months pass, and Mrs. Costello returns for her cleaning. As you’re doing the exam, instead of making stupid small talk like “So are you staying cool in this heat?” or worse – saying nothing, you take a little gander at “The Blue Sheet.” Or maybe you even reviewed it in the morning huddle. 

“So Mrs. Costello – I’ll bet everyone’s excited about Alison’s baby!” OMG – she is in disbelief that you remembered this! Then after a little chat and some discussion about her dental condition – “Wow – can you believe Ringo Starr turned 80 a few weeks ago? He looks fantastic!” Mrs. Costello is officially in the palm of your hands, and your aim is true!

And now what happens? She tells her friends. She refers her co-worker. A great review goes up on Google. Lots more. All because you used “The Blue Sheet!”

This was just one of the many tips given is last week’s online training video – “Ten Ways To Provide An Incredibly Memorable Patient Experience!” If you missed it, you can check it out by clicking here.

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