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Want To Lose A Patient Forever? Do THIS!

By October 31, 2020December 11th, 2020Dental Practice Fixers, Podcast Episodes
lose a patient

Want To Lose A Patient Forever Do THIS!

In this week’s episode we get back to basics with our secret shopper calls, asking the simplest of all questions a potential new patient would ask. Do you want to lose a patient forever? Not only can no one seem to even come close to making the appointment, one office does something that will pretty much guarantee the patient will never be heard from again! Don’t do this in your practice!!

Plus we handle some excellent listener questions about running late. Don’t miss this episode!

If you have a question that you would like answered on our podcast, or if you would like us to call YOUR office, please email us at You might be the office that gets it right!

Highlights from “Want to Lose a Patient Forever? Do This”

0:10 – Dr. Rich Madow opens up the podcast and welcomes everyone to this week’s Dental Practice Fixers Podcast – “Want to Lose a Patient Forever? Do This.”

0:45 -Rich says he loves making the secret shopper calls but they are done as a learning experience.

1:15 – Rich says this week on the podcast it is back to basics with questions.

1:27 – Two really great listener questions will be answered today from the topic of “Never Run Late

2:08 – Recently The Madow Center did a webinar that you can check out about how to get of no-shows during COVID.  Check it out!

3:23 – Get a free pin pad with FattMerchant till the end of October.  Check it out at  CODE: madsep

4:56 – Send us an email if you have any questions or a listener comment at

5:08 – Rich shares the first listener question/comment. A question from a team member – What to do if the dentist is always running late and doesn’t care.

7:05 – Dr. Rich talks about a proposed solution that goes along with the issue at hand.  Talk with the dentist or other team members with the issue and also mention a proposed solution.

8:24 – Rich proposes his solution to this issue.

9:25 – A listener suggestion about a buffer for the schedule in their dental practice was a real winner.  Learn how they did it.

13:00 – Here is the questions for the secret shopper call.  “How much do you charge for a cleaning?”

15:10 – Rich makes the first secret shopper call.

16:02 – Rich talks about how this secret shopper call did on the question and what happened.  Just sad, no appointment request.

16:50 – Rich makes the second secret shopper call.

18:14 – Rich talks about some things that really went wrong on this call.  He even asks what should I ask the previous dentist office.  Rich said this new patient would never hear back.

19:45 – On Thursday, November 12 @ 8 PM EST, the Madow Center is having another small group coaching sessions. If you would like to sign up go to

22:20 – Rich makes the third secret shopper call.

23:45 – Rich discusses this secret shopper call.  Did she ask for an appointment? Check it out!

25:15 – Rich plays one more secret shopper call to learn something new.  Does this caller ever answer?

27:30 – Thank you for listening or watching to the Dental Practice Fixers Podcast.


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