We Actually Heard This!

We actually heard this being said by a team member recently while doing an in-office consult, and you will not believe it!!

But first, a brief commercial. Actually it’s not technically a commercial because we are giving you something of very high value for free, so let’s call it an announcement. Then we will tell you about something amazing that we recently heard.

Tonight (Wednesday night) at 9:00 PM Eastern Time, we will be presenting the latest chapter in our amazing FREE webinar series!

Here are the details on what promises to be an exciting and rewarding evening for your practice:

WHAT?  A Madow Brothers Webinar! “Use Web 3.0 to Turn Your Practice into a Multi-Million Dollar Business!”
WHEN?  Wednesday, March 14, 2012 at 9PM Eastern Time WHERE?  In the comfort of your home, car or office (it’s a webinar!).
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We’re looking forward to seeing you there and helping you create the practice of your dreams! Now let’s move on.

So – a short time ago we were in a dental practice doing an in-office consult. Unlike most of the “consultants” who do this type of thing, instead of coming in with a boiler-plate “one-size-fits-some” strategy, we actually spend the entire morning observing the practice at work on a typical day which helps us develop a completely customized plan.

So we are hanging out around the reception area watching and listening. And this is what we hear from the team member on the phone with a patient.

“Can you give me your credit card number please? Okay, let me repeat that to make sure I have it correct. The number is 4384-7166-6877-0131? Is that right?

And the three digit security code on the back? 078? Is that correct? 078?”

At this point she was screaming as loudly as Garrett Morris on SNL doing the news close-captioned for the hard-of-hearing. Anyone in that reception area could have gone right onto the web and ordered up a couple of diamond bracelets!

And even though this was a longshot, it was pretty shocking to actually witness this much of a privacy violation, and a dangerous one at that!

What was next – having her call out into the full reception room – “Mr. Toothless – we are ready for your denture adjustment?”

The point is – unless you are totally sure you are in a 100% private area, you need to cool it on saying anything the patient may not want to be heard by others. This includes medical information, financial information, employment or insurance info, or anything else of a personal nature. It may seem obvious, but we see and hear stuff like this all the time.

The good news is that we were able to help this practice with this minor problem and many major ones as well. They are now on track to their best year ever by far!

So please learn the take home lesson from this one!

And if you want us to come into your practice, observe how you operate, and give you a truly customized plan – just for you – give us a call at 1-888-88-MADOW. It will be like nothing you have ever experienced, and may just be the thing to take your practice to that next level where it belongs!

SPECIAL!! – If you are in the Maryland / DC / Virginia area, you will save a ton on travel costs when you bring us in – so call NOW!! 1-888-88-MADOW

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