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We All Screw Up – How to Settle a Disagreement

By February 19, 2018July 14th, 2020Coaches Corner
two people having a disagreement

Dear Coaches,

Please help to settle a little disagreement in our office. A patient came in for a crown insert, but the crown was not here! We messed up by putting the wrong date on the lab slip. My assistant thought that we should tell the patient that the lab did not deliver the crown on time. I thought a better answer was that we looked at the crown and were not happy with the quality. Who is right?


Dr. Lynne Jeffries
Manchester, NH

How to Handle A Disagreement


Thanks so much for your question. It can be tough to figure out what to do when there is a disagreement or when things go wrong in your office.

Maybe (as in your case) a patient came in for their insert appointment and the crown was not back from the lab.

Or possibly you had a schedule malfunction and couldn’t see a patient when they came in.

Or maybe your insurance estimate was way off and the patient was pissed because they owed a lot more than they were originally told.

The list can go on and on because no matter how conscientious we are, screw-ups happen. But there is a pretty simple three-step formula for taking care of them.

Tell the truth.

Trying to fudge the truth to appease a patient or telling a white lie to make the doctor or team member look better rarely works. And of course as the saying goes, when you tell the truth you never have to remember what you said!

In a disagreement, take responsibility and apologize.

So don’t “blame it on the lab.” Even if it was the lab’s fault, that excuse looks about as hollow as saying the dog ate your homework (or blaming any other situation on the dog). The fact is – anything that happens is ultimately the responsibility of the practice.

Make restitution.

Waive the fee. Give a Starbucks gift certificate. (It’s great to have a stack of these around the office.) If the patient is being reasonable, do your best to accommodate.

Simple? Yes. The right thing to do? Absolutely! When you screw up – admit it, apologize, and make it better!

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Coach Rich
Coach Dave

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