We Built It Just For You!

It didn’t exist – so we created it.
We speak to tons of dentists and team members every single day….that’s what we do.  And as dentists ourselves, we can certainly relate to the many stories of the everyday challenges and struggles that are faced in our profession.
Many of the stories we’ve heard have been about buying dental supplies. Most of us consider it a chore.  At times it can be quite expensive and, let’s face it – it’s not exactly that exciting.
So we had a crazy idea. Can ordering dental supplies actually be fun? Can it be a fantastic experience? Can it be something that you actually look forward to? Shouldn’t it be as uncomplicated, enjoyable and profitable for you as possible?

(Okay – this may sound a little weird. Why would anyone care this much about buying dental supplies? But you gotta do it anyway, so why not make it a great thing? After all, we’re the guys who seventeen years ago said that going to a dental seminar should be as much fun as attending a rock concert and then created TBSE!)
So we partnered with Darby to create The M Club.  But this was not going to be just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill buying club.  This was going to become the “secret” in dentistry that everyone will to want to share!
It’s allowed us to custom-build an array of exclusive programs just for M Club members while also providing concierge-level customer service, incredible rewards and offers that cannot be found anywhere else.  All for FREE.
We just tossed out the rulebook on the same old dental supply experience we have all grown used to.  Instead, you’ll be able to get the best brand name and generic products at much lower costs, one-of-a-kind offers, amazing rewards, and the most satisfying customer experience in dentistry.  Period.
AND if you are headed to TBSE this year, you are really in for something very special.  Because we’re going to give M Club members 5% back on all merchandise purchased at TBSE from participating vendors, including 3M, Dentsply, Crosstex, DMG, Sultan and more.
And did we mention that we’re giving away iPads all day long?

NO other dental show in the universe can do this!  Do your 4th quarter supply shopping at TBSE and never again will you have to put your Thanksgiving plans on hold just to get the absolute best dental supply deals anywhere!
It is just another one of the many ways that we can help you become more profitable, efficient and successful…all while having an absolute blast.  We are the Madow Brothers and this is what we do!

So how can you join? Simply call 1-855-THE-M-CLUB or visit www.855TheMClub.com today. After all – it’s FREE!!!

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