We Love Our Patients But….

There really is nothing better in dentistry than changing the life of a patient.

Improving someone’s smile, getting a person out of pain, helping a fellow human’s overall health – these are things that we are lucky enough to do on a regular basis.

Yes – we love our patients, and obviously could not have a successful practice without them.

But let’s face it. There are days when we just feel like screaming at the top of our lungs:

“Dentistry would be great if it just weren’t for those damn patients!!”
But fear not – we are here to rescue you.

Next time that you are having a day where the patients are driving you nuts, throw some levity in by playing a game of “Patient Bingo!”

Patient Bingo is a game where everyone in the office gets a bingo card with the most typical and lame phrases that patients say printed on it. Each time you hear a patient say one of those phrases, you put a big “X” on that space, and the first person to get five “X” marks in a row, either horizontal, vertical or diagonal, yells out “Patient Bingo” as loudly as possible.

Prizes may be decided by the doctor or office manager. We are strongly suggesting a trip to Las Vegas for TBSE 2012! (Watch this space for a HUGE announcement and very special pricing!)

To get your very own Patient Bingo card, simply click here. It is in MS Word so you can move the phrases around (or create your own) to give everyone a chance of winning.

We all know that dentistry is stressful – and that you just gotta laugh about it! As you already know, we love to have fun with this kind of stuff.
But…..when it comes to growing your practice we are dead serious!

Whether it is through our amazing “Powerhouse” program, one of our live seminars, the best “at home” dental continuing education available, the one and only TBSE in Las Vegas, saving money on dental supplies or your lab bill, or anything else – we are here to help you. We’ll even come into your office and spend a full day on practice improvement.

We are The Madow Brothers, and we can help you! Please call 1-888-88-MADOW to find out how!

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