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They (whoever “they” are) say Virginia is for lovers, and boy did we LOVE the folks in Richmond Virginia!  We were there on Friday presenting our well known seminar, “How to Love Dentistry, Have Fun and Prosper.”  Have you ever been to one of our Love Dentistry Seminars?  If not, you MUST attend one.  We give you so much valuable information, that your head will be spinning!  Being there will help take your practice to the next level.

So many dentists and their teams came out to hear us present.  Everyone was so friendly, welcoming and receptive to all of the information we shared.  We just wanted to say a  big “THANKS” to all of those who attended, and we hope to see you all at TBSE in November.  If you enjoyed our seminar last week, you’ll be blown away by everything TBSE has to offer!

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Yes, next in our “The Best Webinar EVER” series is coming up in just two days! Our very own Melissa Lierman has been preparing this one for quite some time now and we need to tell you… there is going to be so much new practice building information that you will not know how you got along without this stuff. Be the first to hear what you should be saying on Facebook for maximum effectiveness to make YOU the “go-to” dentist in your community. That’s right, once you listen to this webinar and put a few of the ideas into action, YOU are going to be the most talked about dentist in your area… HANDS DOWN!!!

Our last webinar with Steve Vargo was the biggest one we have ever had and totally filled up! We have opened up some new space and this one, due to the subject matter, could even top  the last one. So we recommend registering early and logging in early as well (at least 10 minutes early). You are going to be blown away by what Melissa is going to be teaching!

Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Time: 9:00 PM Eastern Time
Your cost: FREE
Register: Click HERE!

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