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Just take a second and imagine how much better your practice and life would be not worrying about where your next team member is coming from. Think about what it would be like to easily be able to find new team members who understand how to provide a great patient experience. Yes – less stress, more income, and more fun!

Yes – you really can have a the “dream team” if you know how!

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practice run itself

Relax-Let Your Practice Run Itself

Relax – Let Your Practice Run Itself There is no doubt about it – without the proper systems, it’s impossible to have a practice that

webinar - shut the back door

Reactivation: “Shut The Back Door!”

https://vimeo.com/665418672 Some studies have shown that the cost of obtaining a new patient is TWELVE TIMES higher than reactivating ones who have already been into


Foolproof Case Acceptance – In YOUR Practice!

When you attend this webinar, you will learn from start to finish the simple no-pressure way to increase your practice revenues by getting your patients to say “yes” to the treatment they need.


Dumb Things That Smart Dentists Do

In this webinar we’ll talk about ten dumb that most dentists do at one time or another and show easy solutions that will make your practice better, your life easier, and your checkbook balance higher!