Website Bio for Dental Practices

website bio example for dentists

If you go to just about any dental website (including yours), and click on “About The Doctor,” chances are that the website bio starts like this:

“Dr. Smith is a 2002 graduate of The University of Maryland School of Dentistry, and a 1998 graduate of Rollins College, where she majored in chemistry.”

It will then go on to list all of the courses you have taken and all of the organizations to which you belong. To which my response is……”Zzzzzzz zzzzz zzzz who cares??!!”

Look, you’re a dentist, so any potential new patient checking out your website will assume that you graduated from dental school and college. This does absolutely nothing to differentiate you from the pack, unless maybe you went to Harvard, which you didn’t.

A short time ago I helped a dentist with the first line of his website bio. The result? Well, he is in a group practice, and people are calling saying “I want to see Dr. Ben!!” Here’s the first line of the website bio (name has been changed):


Benjamin Taylor, or “Dr. Ben” as his patients call him, is known for his caring touch and humorous tone, making even the most nervous patients comfortable.

See the difference? This has a potential patient saying: “I want YOU to be my dentist!!”

Can you “steal” this? Of course, but only if it describes you. And if it doesn’t describe you, come up with something equally appealing that does!!

Have you been thinking about reaching out for help with your practice but you’re hesitant? Don’t worry! There is no issue that I haven’t heard or probably even experienced myself! You’ll talk directly to ME (Dr. Rich Madow) and our call will be 100% confidential.

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