Whales In Your Practice?

If you’re headed to TBSE in Las Vegas next week, you will definitely see some whales in town.

No – not marine mammals of the order Cetacea, but those super large players whose casino spending allows you to get a great steak for twenty bucks, free drinks, and a luxury hotel room in a fabulous property for $139 per night.

Yes – the people who really make Vegas rock are the high rollers who think nothing of throwing down thousands if not hundreds of thousands on one roll of the dice or turn of the card. The casinos call them “whales” – and you may see them stepping out of a limo, dining at the best restaurants and hanging out in the high limit rooms behind velvet ropes.

They are wooed with free trips, pampering packages, incredible hotel suites, and probably things we can’t even write about in the daily e-letter. The casinos know that these people spend (and lose) tons of money and if they are treated well will come back again and probably bring their friends.

The music industry is on to this too. With CD sales declining, downloads providing slim margins for the artists, and the concert industry taking its lumps as well, the major artists are on to “whales” of their own – super fans who will pay huge bucks to sit in on sound checks, be guaranteed  front row tickets with a “meet and greet,” and travel packages where they can hang out with similar people. The costs are low and the mark-up substantial.

So how about you? Who are the “whales” in your practice? You most likely have some and may not even realize it. What can you do so that they will opt for top-of-the-line treatment? How can you cater to them so that they will talk about your practice and never leave? What steps can be taken so that the “whales” will send other whales?

Take a few minutes at your next team meeting and discuss how you can pamper the whales in your practice and develop more of them. They will never be large in number, but just like in Las Vegas, the rewards are great!

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