What Are The Odds?

Many years ago, two teenagers met in the working class city of Liverpool, England. Among their many incredible accomplishments, the one named Paul would soon write a song called “Yesterday” and the one named John would write “Imagine.”

These two songs are considered by many to be the finest pop songs ever written.

What are the odds of this happening? A billion to one? A zillion to one? Possibly higher.

What are the odds of your exact dental office team being assembled? A million to one? Probably higher.

And while your office team may not be McCartney and Lennon, they are extremely important to the health of the practice. Just like great artists, the team needs to work well together and be able to achieve individually. They need to be nurtured, rewarded, praised and given the chance to grow. And if they are given the proper opportunity and can’t flourish – they need to be “Pete Best-ed.”

Remember – the dental office team is a unique group of people. Nowhere else on Earth is there a group like them. Take every possible occasion to make the best team possible, and they (along with your practice) will rise to the top of the charts.

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