What Do Black Friday and Your Dental Office Have in Common?

It’s Black Friday!

Question: What do Black Friday and dentistry have in common?

Answer: Some people are afraid to get involved because of intense anxiety!

Yes, anxious dental patients are everywhere. No matter how gentle of a dentist you may be, there are people literally scared to death to sit in your chair. Often they only see the dentist in an emergency situation such as a dental abscess or toothache which only intensifies their fear of the dentist.

So how do you cater to this population of people? According to www.dentalfear.com, nearly as many as 50% of the U.S. population does not get regular dental care, most of which is due to fear.  And that’s huge!

More and more dentists are using oral and IV sedation. Hypnosis is growing in popularity. Why? They help the fearful patient. Supposedly there is an office in Texas which offers beer and wine in their reception area! And even though we are not recommending this “strategy,” their practice is growing like crazy!

How much could your practice grow by marketing to fearful patients? What if you added the following questions to your new patient form?

1.)    Are you afraid of the dentist? Why?
2.)    What would make your dental experience more comfortable?

You may be surprised at the answers!

Why not make your dental practice the one that the frightened patients brag about? By making simple changes, you could entice many more people through your door and make their dental (and mental) experiences much better.

Have a great Black Friday! Hopefully you will be doing something other than going to “the mall!”

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