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What do we do with patients who don’t qualify for CareCredit?

By October 12, 2017July 15th, 2020Coaches Corner
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Welcome back to Coaches Corner! We are happy to share our years of experience working with dental offices all across North America.

Today’s question comes from the beautiful Midwest!

Q: What do we do when someone wants to get treatment but doesn’t have the funds and doesn’t qualify for CareCredit? We are losing a lot of production because of this.

Thanks for your advice.

Jenna Feldski, Office Manager
Overland Park, KS

What to do with patients who don’t qualify for CareCredit

A: Hello Jenna, and thanks for your great question. There are two important things you need to consider here.

  1. Outside financing companies like CareCredit, while pretty liberal in their qualification process, are doing the work for you. They are the professionals and the experts. If they don’t approve someone, they are telling you this:


So beware. Any kind of “payment plan” you make with this patient is likely to wind up as an unpaid collection headache and eventually a writeoff.

2. While we always recommend being ethical, law-abiding, etc.. remember that you are not obligated to treat every person who steps into your office. Pain, bleeding, swelling, infection  – those are different stories altogether. But someone who needs routine dental treatment, (and that could include crowns to repair rotting amalgams, perio disease that is smelly and gross, missing teeth, poor function, etc…) are not under our ethical obligation.Sure – it is great to treat everyone we can. But they gotta pay! And if an outside financing company is telling you don’t treat them – don’t do it!!

Now does that mean we should stop doing “in-house payment plans” for old Mrs. Goldfinch who has been coming here since Eisenhower was president and has never missed a fifty dollar monthly payment? Of course not. But those are rare exceptions.

Does that make you feel like you are not being generous and charitable? It shouldn’t. Remember, doing charity dentistry is YOUR choice! Don’t let a patient screw you over and then tell yourself it is charity. That is not the way it works!

Charity dentistry is a beautiful thing, but it needs to be decided upon ahead of time!

Coach Rich
Coach Dave


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