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What Do You Mean I Can’t Do That?

By September 18, 2020December 11th, 2020Dental Practice Fixers, Podcast Episodes

What Do You Mean I Can’t Do That?

What if you were so restricted that you couldn’t tell patients your practice was “state of the art,” or what courses you have taken, or even that you try to make your patients as comfortable as possible? This make make you ask: “What do you mean I can’t do that?” That’s the issues that a Dental Practice Fixers listener was facing, and we answer his question along with some great old-fashioned practice building advice with the help of a special guest.

Then we do three secret shopper calls and uncover a problem we have NEVER heard before on The Fixers. You gotta check it out – or maybe we should say you gotta check it “oat!”

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Highlights from “What Do You Mean I Can’t Do That?”

0:13 – Dr. Richard Madow opens up the podcast by asking a question from a listener.

0:58 – Rich talks about a letter received from Dr. Garcia that switched to FattMerchant and now saving over 7K a year.  Another email from Dr. Mitchell  Josephs is saving over 1K each month by swtiching to FattMerchant.  Go to to find out more.

2:12 – A listener questions comes from a dentist from Canada.  Dr. Livingston Chen is the special guest this week on The Dental Practice Fixers Podcast.

3:45 – Dr. Liv talks about being in a band with Dr. Mitchell while in college.

4:31 – Rich opens up with the question for Liv and get his thoughts.  The restrictions in Canada are crazy.  It makes you ask yourself “What do you mean I can’t do that?”

5:30 – Dr. Chen explains the reason behind this.

6:58 – Rich goes over some of the statements in the guidelines and discusses these with Liv.

7:30 – Dr. Chen says that you can’t say that you are better than anyone else.  Even being a member of a dental association should already be implied.

7:47 – Dr. Madow goes on to explain more things in the guidelines.

8:11 – Dr. Chen mentions more restrictions about saying anything about better equipment.

9:00 – Rich and Liv talk about the issues concerning these guidelines and how it caters to dentists that are not going above and beyond in their dental field.

11:05 – Liv shares with the listeners what he is doing to make his office stand out from others with all the guidelines that are in Canada.

13:51 – Liv also talks about something he does in public libraries.  Offer a public service to the community with this suggestion.

17:17 – Rich talks about school visits and how he used to do them when he was running his dental practice.  Getting your name out there is key!

19:37 – Dr. Chen looks at the whole picture.  Providing loyalty is so important.  A little goodwill goes a long way.

20:00 – Rich talks about treating your patients the best is better than all the marketing you can provide.  It is so important for a dental practice.

20:30 – Liv talks about what a patient wants more than anything is to feel comfortable.

21:10 – Rich asks Liv the difference in Americans and Canadians.

21:24 – Liv talks about some of the differences.

22:42 – Do you know what “poutine” is?  Learn what it is from Dr. Chen.

23:20 – Rich asks Chen what would be a good number to have for the library event as a public service.

24:10 – Rich makes his first secret shopper call.

27:08 – Rich asks Liv what he thinks about the caller.  Some big “no nos” from this call.  Rich and Liv talk about some of the things about the call that was incorrect when giving a fee for crowns.

30:30 – Rich and Liv give this caller a grade.  Check it out.

31:03 – Rich makes the second secret shopper call.

32:22 – This was like listening to Elmer Fudd.  Listen to what happened on this caller.

33:16 – Rich makes the last secret shopper call.

34:09 – Comments from Liv concerning this caller.   The fee is the fee and it doesn’t matter what your insurance is.  Rich and Liv talk about speaking with a machine and a live person.  Did this person ask for an appointment?  Listen to see.

37:13 – Rich asks Liv if he would do a no-charge consultation in his practice?  Find out if Dr. Chen offers this in his practice and why he answers so.

39:32 – Rich talks about an article in the New York Times and discusses this with Liv to get his comments with tooth fractures due to COVID-19.  Find out if Liv has noticed this in his practice.

41:13 – Rich thanks Liv for being on The Dental Practices Fixers Podcast.  If you would like to be on the dental podcast, please reach out to

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