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Here’s a great lesson for your practice.

A few months ago we spoke for a fantastic group, and they were nice enough to put us up in a spectacular hotel.

To say this place was opulent would be an understatement. And the customer service was nothing short of perfection. The room service breakfast must have been prepared by a Michelin five star chef.

The problem? The top notch hotel was around thirty minutes from the convention hall where the seminar was being held.

And while we were certainly appreciative of their efforts to make us comfortable, when it came down to it, the Holiday Inn Express which was right across the street from the seminar site would have been a better choice, especially when coming in late the night before and trying to get a good night’s rest, not to mention the stress of fighting traffic trying to make it to the show on time in the morning.

Many times convenience is the most important factor.

Of course it’s crucially important to perform the highest quality work possible in your practice. And striving for the same level of customer service which we were given at that hotel will go a long way into making your patients happy and your practice successful.

But if your practice is not convenient, you are probably not seeing as many patients as you should be.

Do you have “people pleasing” hours of operation? Are your phones answered during normal business hours (including during lunch) and beyond? Do you consistently run on time so that your patients don’t have to waste their precious time? Do you gladly assist your patients with their insurance even though you don’t have to? Do you offer easy payment options throughCareCredit so that your patients can afford their dentistry? In short, do you make it EASY for patients to enjoy your practice or do they have to jump through hoops?

The lesson? Make it easy for your patients, and they will make it easy for you!

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