What Team Members Want

Want your team members to be happy and stay in your practice?

Well then you should know what consistently shows up in surveys as one of the top reasons people leave their jobs. Is it money? Long hours? Short vacations?

No. It is lack of recognition! There is no question that praise for a job well done is one of the most powerful motivators.

According to Manta, a small business information and growth company, here are three tips for giving good praise (paraphrased slightly for dentistry!):

1. Be specific with praise. For example: “That was a tough procedure – thanks so much for your help! Without that great suctioning and retraction it would have been impossible.” Or – “I overheard you on the phone with that patient and you really went the extra mile to help them. Nice job!”

2. Be genuine. Employees can tell when you are not being authentic.

3. Give praise immediately; don’t save it for the end of the day or a weekly meeting.

There you have it – a simple, proven and no-cost strategy to help keep team members happy.

And here is an extra secret – patients love praise too!! Be sure to tell patients that they are doing a fantastic job with their hygiene, or that you appreciate their patience during a tough procedure, or even thank them for being consistently on time with their appointments. It goes a long way.

Oh – and team members – believe it or not, doctors love praise too!!

Now go make your practice the happiest and best one around!!

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