What’s Good Here? A Huge Lesson For Your Dental Practice…

What’s Good Here? A Huge Lesson For Your Dental Practice…

(It’s a simple technique and it works!)

Next time you are at a restaurant, try this one on for fun. When the server comes over to take your order, close the menu and ask,

“What’s good here?” or “What do YOU recommend?” You will immediately learn some things to take back to your dental practice!

Some servers will give you a totally blank look as if you just landed from the planet Mongo. Others will say “Everything is good!” While that may be true, it’s not very helpful.

Another common one is “Well, that depends what you like.” Again, not very helpful. And worse, it throws the question back to you. Geez… we’re asking for a personal recommendation here!

Then there is always the famous “The chicken parmigiana is very popular.” Well, McDonald’s is popular, MB. That doesn’t mean it’s good.

But a really good server will enthusiastically respond with something like:

“The crab cake is outstanding! It’s Chef Billy’s recipe – he only uses Maryland sourced jumbo lump crabmeat, a tiny bit of aioli to bind it together, and his secret spice blend. It’s my personal favorite, and I think it’s the best crab cake in the state!”

Boom – SOLD! You no longer care that it is one of the more expensive things on the menu – nothing is getting in between you and that crab cake except maybe a little cocktail sauce!

Betty Hayden, the amazing lead coach at The Madow Center, reminds us that “Selling is simply a transfer of enthusiasm!”

See how the server transferred their enthusiasm for that crab cake into a sale, and probably a nice tip? Now think about this.

What are YOU doing to transfer enthusiasm in YOUR practice?

Sure, some days it can be tough to get enthusiastic about a crown prep or a scaling and root planing. But never forget – while it’s routine to us, to the patient it’s a very big deal!! They may be scared shootless to have that procedure done, and even if they’re not, they certainly aren’t excited about it.

This is even more important when presenting treatment. If we are enthusiastic about the health benefits and the outcome that patient will receive, they are much more likely to schedule. And never forget that selling truly is a transfer of enthusiasm. Just like Brad Hamilton told Jeff Spicoli, “Learn it, know it, live it!”


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