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What’s Your Office Elevator Pitch?

elevator pitch

What’s Your Office Elevator Pitch?

Do you have an “elevator pitch” for your practice? Do you have a concise way to tell a potential new patient why they should come to your office over anyone else’s? Well, you should, and that’s what we talk about on this episode of The Dental Practice Fixers! The theme is continued with our “Mystery Shopper Calls” with a simple question – can you tell me a little about your office? Unfortunately, no one could, and the results were dismal. But after listening to this episode, that won’t happen to you!!

Highlights from “What’s Your Office Elevator Pitch?”

0:11 – Dr. Rich Madow opens up The Dental Practice Podcast by welcoming doctors and team members. Do you have an elevator pitch at your dental practice?

1:12 – Rich explains what it is and why is it so important to have one.  Also, he gives a pitch for STAX with Fatt Merchant.  Save money and switch to STAX with Fatt Merchant for all your credit card processing fees.  Check out

4:43 – Rich and his wife went to a wedding and explains some things he enjoyed and hear some pitches at the wedding table.  He shared some great elevator pitches that he heard and shares what happened.  Rich also gives some tips to help improve your elevator pitch when someone asks you what you do for work.

12:15 – Please send Rich your elevator pitch to!

12:45 – Rich decides to call dental offices and see what their pitch is for their dental practice.  Listen to these secret shopper calls.  He makes five calls today.  Listen or watch on YouTube to see if any of these dental offices can give a great pitch to Rich.  You will be surprised what these dental offices have to say about their office.

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